but also eat a lot of suffering

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 16:36
> Gu Xiang left this time only to find that: "the power of his brother that beat is so powerful, how I just spit it, nor how serious the original, however, how he would stumble to the ground for no reason it ? Could that be because of just that masked men attacked from behind brother saved my life? "present disregard those concerns, quickly rush towards the front, I came in front of my students. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm I was asleep I was born completely past one look, Gu Xiang left only this is better when it can be so close to his bosom look at this boy, I thought: "If that had masked people do not save me, my brother a palm killed me, then once he woke up and found that I die, will not hurt? would not go looking for what the murderer? but once you know the murderer is his own, should he how sad? "Valley Heritage Gordon looked down at the boy, the heart suddenly have a very urge to cry, I thought: "My brother fate of the poor, his Niangqin not very good for him, as well, just listen to the souls of the children's speech, like his brother is Suddenly magic xìng big hair, it is warm stream of those who use color? practitioners that "Eagle bitter curse" So there is such grave consequences, when I hide, this is not the band in their own body, alas , Anyway, all I harm done to his brother. "Gu Xiang left immediately throw into confusion for a moment I pushed my life, I hope he can wake up immediately and more importantly, his body was seriously injured, there is no ability to I take up my life, brought him back to Emei, which all in all, it was only to see I was born I own luck. Gu Xiang left only a Push, felt his whole body pain, turned himself suffered injuries, is not light, immediately sat slumped in situ, I thought: "This is black people who would it be? Had just seen his brother down on the ground, and did not come to harm my brother, it seems not entirely evil, but, since it is not wicked, why should masked it. "All in all, live in the valley left confused Gordon, when she was about to bring the contemplative realm of being. At this time, I was born arms I suddenly coughed, leisurely waking up, looked a valley left Gordon, Gordon saw the valley left side of the mouth is also linked with blood, the first reaction is naturally surprised accident, immediately shouted: "Sister, this is how you? how bleeding? Also, why would I lie here." I was born I immediately turned around and looked around, seems to be reminded of what happened, immediately Huo cheerful, immediately stood up and said: "No, sister, Na Ying Ling sub Shitai it? was she killed the little animals, right? What happened next, no impression on me how little you know that? 'I I Health turned one pair of eyes looked over look, how I wish Gordon left the valley where the truth can be told myself, Gu Xiang saw him finally leaving awoke suddenly worry a lot, about to get up, which know chest pain, small mouth and immediately spit out the blood. I saw this scene I was born, his face immediately anxiously up and walked over and said: "Sister, how is this all about? Who hurt you, is not that the souls of the dead child Shitai?" Gu Xiang has not left answer, they heard the front of the jungle came the Emei nun cries: "I donor, valley junior sister apprentice, Where are you?" "I donor." "valley junior sister apprentice." · · · · · · I immediately I was born wake up and said: "Now the big bright day sè long, the original is that they come to us and you can not, I'll help you, let's go." I answered I was born immediately opening a cry, those Emei nuns came up to see to such a scenario, suddenly we were very surprised, but see Gu Xiang left injured twelve I asked my students, what is happening here, in the end, suffer from this I did not know I was born to answer junior sister apprentice, everybody helped since it was only disappointed to Gordon went to the Temple Valley heritage. Just at this time, I knew I was born, a small dead animals named mink is next to this man's pet, called "spray women", the moment her mother learned about the things a splash about. The same time, we hear some tell Gordon left the valley she was wounded about the things I heard I was born, Gu Xiang left is a masked parade their wounded, and at that time, I own I was born and has been completely fainted, so do not know anything, and that masked men attacked hurt yourself,Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, and then left the scene to carry the souls of children. Back to the Temple among the disciples of ethereal child listening following occurs backyard talking about his son's strange about the heart suddenly very curious, the day did not urge him to do something else, then the command will immediately I was born I called the own house careful questioning. Of course, at this time, and also as people go see Gu Xiang's injury left. Shut the door, ethereal look unhappy child to live to see his face in front of the boy, as if my heart felt his son early in the morning does not appear in their own houses, but it appeared in the woods outside the house medium. Or and Gu Xiang left together, a little less this reason. Not wait until the ethereal child to ask questions, I will immediately I was born this morning rì things, for they know is broadly say it again, for which their collapsed to the ground did not know that some of the situations that he should not know , also shook his head somehow. Ethereal son saw I finished I was born and honestly explain, was immediately sorted out is how one thing, of course, and later heard the souls of children is that little mink spot scratched cheek, my heart slightly to give birth to a rare pleasure,Oakley Garage Rock, I thought: "She had to take revenge, the results, but also eat a lot of suffering." ethereal child listening I say I was born, and he later fainted on the spot, for the valley of the origin of genetic Xiang's injury, there is a saying on the minds worry a lot, said dismissively: "Your sister is a lonely child, you should take care about her future, you know? well, until she woke up,oakley sunglasses sale, I ask you on behalf of her injuries reason to see is not the Son of Na Ying Ling. "ethereal child immediately stood up, toss sleeves, it is a little annoyed, said:" This really is arrogant souls of the dead child who, dare to come to me Emei run wild, If not look in the aggregate Union's mutual affection, I will not retain them. "ethereal child the moment I was born I turned around and looked, and asked:" Is that situation? "I nod my students immediately recognize it Only these situations. Ethereal child nodded slowly, as if my heart can hold something, always feel something does not seem so simple. But doubt return suspicion, but did not think something is wrong specifically, it inconvenient to ask, I commanded the moment I was born down exceedingly care Valley Heritage Xiang, once again told a lot about practicing that warm color Creek Mogong, he may How long must an eye, to be careful to practice, do not go wrong. <
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