the basket bottom line after the ball backward pass

March 29 [Fri], 2013, 15:23
eight rebounds and four steals in, you can believe in, which is a 33-year-old players, has become the team's assistant coach, in the face of the urgent nike shox rivalry for sale need of a victory in the case of their team has missed the playoffs for playoff? Do not doubt, he is the Jiangsu team veteran Peace and Harmony. In this season, the team's last home, Peace and Harmony, played the highest level of personal season, the fourth quarter, the opponent will be 20-point deficit down to 5 timesharing, Peace and Harmony, with a 3 points and a record of steals,

The audience resounded from the "MVP" voices. Among the in all CBA local guard, only Guo Shiqiang, Li Qun Liu Wei and Hu Xuefeng get 30 +10. This is the 6th Hu Xuefeng career played 30 +10 data, but before 5 times, far in the 2008-09 season, that he once omnipotent era. Missed the playoffs, Jiangsu team from the beginning of the game played very relaxed. The first section began shortly Hu Xuefeng the basket bottom line after the ball backward pass to plug in Harris, the latter a note dunks with both hands, let the game quickly into Jiangsu team fingertips. The first section of Peace and Harmony scored 7 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, the performance is very comprehensive. Reporter then see nike shox roadster sale photos from the the photojournalist scene captured, Jones then used his fists direct hit near the right side of the face in Xu Zhong Hao, such a the move change for other people, there will only be more intense reaction than Xu Zhong Hao. Fortunately, after this episode, the atmosphere on the pitch is still under control, the two sides did not recur in the fierce conflict. With cheap nike shox Liaoning Heng beat Foshan Friends Provident financial industry in 32 of the regular season, ahead of two lock CBA playoff spot, eight playoff tickets this season has been led away five, while the remaining What will the three who gets, is likely to have to wait until the final round of the regular season to see the outcome.
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