the other side only to restore half

April 13 [Sat], 2013, 16:24
> ^ ^ See net ^ five hundred and twentieth chapters waves of the full text from (d) at the the altar top of cracks when the same mutation occurred in the Buddhist city, I saw the Buddhist city is the center position that tall and more than a thousand of feet of huge statues suddenly change the whole Buddha actually emitting a flickering light. Www, QUAnben, CoM ^ ^ see net ^ (Free full-text electronic) tall Buddha statue in the center of the city, natural change countless people, these people are surprised at the center of statues of Buddha City, you know Town Center in Buddha statues, but for hundreds of years, nothing changes. Abbot Wu a sit cross-legged in the house being felt abnormal, he opened his own eyes, to see the direction of where the Buddha, frowned and said: "this unusual spiritual power fluctuations statues of holy days emit, are the statues in the space of what mutation fails! "In fact, not only is the abbot Gordon St. Fozong several other elders have also been huge statues of the mutation to the awakened. Chuyun do not know the Buddha the city's misfortune, ancient magic and altar mutation and just looked at the cold, and then began to move up. If now know how to leave the in which white sè space, Chuyun not prepared to stay here, have forged Buddha species naturally do not want to participate in the moment thing. But now he can not leave which the white sè space, and ancient magic seems to be doing anything dangerous, even if he does not get involved, estimated to ancient magic will be done after dangerous thing would not let him go, so I want to the thought Chuyun decided to shot blocking ancient magic. After all, and just different Buddha species has been formed, the law's promise of enlightenment, the most important is to estimate not take long, will be the arrival of the other monks of St. Fozong Chuyun will naturally choose the most favorable way to act. ^ ^ See net ^ (Free full-text electronic) Chuyun hands dancing nine days Dragon Sword directly from his palms at throughput out, then fingers Chuyun in nine days Shenlong sword that saw nine days Dragon Sword multicolored light flashing, then a stout unparalleled five sè robbery mine directly from nine days Dragon Sword sword body excited shè out, bombardment to ancient magic, a Time the entire white sè space seems full of multicolored light, and there is a shares inexplicable coercion diffuse. Because we know that the ancient magic of the powerful, so Chuyun a shot directly inspired stored in nine days Dragon Sword all five sè robbery Ray extremely powerful pomp aside Fighters Gordon law four people see Chuyun issued attacks are head exposed the surprised of sè, which the Gordon law and Wu wins surprise, in the eyes visible delight Italy, after all, the powerful Chuyun will represent great ancient magic may be blocked,Air Jordan 7 Sale. See the attack of Chuyun the ancient magic face sèyīn sink said: "Well, when I repair to restore only a hint, can not do nothing to you, this rì I repair for the restoration of the five-story, look at me you pumping God refining the soul! "Nevertheless, said the ancient magic does not have any to the effect, but when he realized Ray's Viagra five sè robbed of. Saw ancient magic right arm of a move, the entire right arm suddenly ancient magic to produce a change, right arm began to swell up, appear a block abnormal shiny scales, completely wrapped in the ancient magic of the right arm which, for a time The ancient magic right arm become full Sizhang long. After mutation of the right arm, the ancient magic directly waving his right arm robbery Ray Looking Chu Yun hit five sè of inter-waving, right arm suddenly layer Zihei sè smooth completely covered live looks ancient magic right arm as the light beam a dark purple sè the. "Boom!" The five sè robbery Ray the stimulated shè the fast, the slow speed is not ancient magic right arm waving, so just instant Kung Fu, Chu Yun hit five sè robbery Ray and ancient magic right arm collision with, the collision this moment, the parcel the ancient magic right arm Zihei sè light suddenly converge metamorphosis became the one huge Zihei sè fist. Suddenly,Nike Air Max Excellerate Sale, the light of the five sè the robbery of mine and Zihei sè of fist fierce collision up the the light of Zihei sè fist size and stout five extremely sè of robbery Ray compared, not proportional, but light fist Zihei sè Vaillant is quite powerful, and for a time, even the wearer to withstand the attack of five sè robbery Ray. Chu Yun-after all, hit a five sè the robbery mine, after a few moments, a Zihei sè light boxing is slowly collapsing, but at the same time, five sè robbery Ray is also a little bit of consume. Is all dissipated when the light Zihei sè boxing, right arm the remaining five sè robbery Ray and ancient magic direct contact in together, Leiguang intertwined ancient magic of the right arm completely enveloped in them, "Kacha Kacha! LEI raging ancient magic right arm, right arm above the scales began to produce a rift. "Flame of magic gasification!" The thought that our own strength is to restore more than half can resist live five sè robbery mine, but the ancient magic did not expect that he is still underestimated the five sè robbery Ray Vaillant, ancient magic roar out loud, right arm The top began the pale sè flame, resist the raging Leiguang. With the pale sè flame added, ancient magic right arm, but the scales cracks trend not withstand,Oakley Frogskins. A period of time after the When Ray dissipated five sè robbery, saw the scales on the ancient magic right arm chipping many right arm to get a little bloody. The left hand of the ancient magic magic gas scrolling, a touch on the right arm of bloody, suddenly, the entire ancient magic right arm began to recover up to eventually become a first look. Seeing all five sè robbery Ray hit and did not particularly damage was caused by ancient magic, Chu Yun's face sè some ugly, Chuyun realized ancient magic strength had probably already Tianrang of the other, and this is the other side only to restore half strength, Chuyun some ancient magic heyday, in the end what forces dare to think. Gordon Law and Wu wins to see Chu Yunwei not weak strike, so blocked, the face sè also quite ugly, the other hand, Wu the pole and enlightenment the bamboo, God sè joy. Just blow the rift on the altar the same increase Road, seems to have a trace of black air drift out from the cracks, and then dissipated. Ancient demons looked delighted to see the altar, but that hideous face, a joy, but became more ferocious. Joy after the ancient magic again with eyes locked Chu Yun, and then you see the ancient magic again up, I saw the claw pinch a peculiar method tactic. Suddenly, a group glaring of the Polar Black Mans ancient magic claw is suddenly shè. Light glaring bright. Can look straight ahead. Black Mountain from small to large, turned into a three than a fight black sè aperture sets directly to the Chu Yun. Ancient magic strike is not ordinary black circle, but rather an occult practice forbidden his spiritual circle, this circle can be isolated from the monks and the induction of the heavens and the earth around, just Cabalist some high requirements also ancient magic recovery more than half the strength of this worthwhile. ! # ^ ^ See net ^ (full-text electronic free download) <
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