She heard wrong

June 30 [Thu], 2011, 11:16
"You are not renowned for the first time I, why this animal in nature?"

Evildoer emperor's voice once again echoed endless gentle to her ears, listening to crying and ran to tell his concubine, the Queen woke up temperament great changes, even bullied her, he felt some strange, so deliberately rushed over to look, sure enough we heard this woman is plausible confrontation with nine princes, this looks like the Warriors, but added he had never seen, depressed inner disgust, he has been standing in the dark watching the movement here, but the hearts of some doubts, This unparalleled could there be brain burned out, she was claiming to be brother of the queen mother of nine? And then roared when he heard the Warriors and he is only nominally even though the couple, but she is embarrassed embarrass the emperor, the new rhetoric angered he can not wait for coming out.

"The Emperor brother, you see her disgusting, even the saliva must flow out." Nine princes that poor kid actor and the fire quickly burned oil, it makes a sudden burst of unparalleled great embarrassment, Jiongde looking for crack to fall in. , she likes young men right, but just this, but a perverted stupid dead emperor, the former Warriors sister was dead and live to the whole, how can this time she committed this fatal error.

"Of course, no matter how much you do not like me, as long as the queen of my day is still sitting on this seat, you and I is a prosperity, a loss for both sides."

Unparalleled lift the chin again endless resentment toward the still ungrateful two guards escorted her hands very ferocious delivery to the eyes.

"Shangguan unparalleled, you a bit too highly of themselves, and I throw you on the seat in Queens, is to look at the dead face on the Queen Mother, do not want to be out of the house so soon to go." He walked slowly toward her , with the exception disdain look, look at this face is much too large, so ignore it at this time skimming through the eyes of unparalleled joy.

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She heard wrong, right? The metamorphosis of the emperor in another time necessary to catch the eviction of her? This dream would not leave her rivers and lakes is another big step closer? That she would not be struggling to do other things, this one only need to take to lose fat ... ...

Thought of her eyes, reflected on one kind of longing and looking forward to look pleased, could not help but mouth the rise in children, which is a touch from the heart smile.

"You seem very happy I will be you out of the house to go?"

He leaned her hands on both sides of the guards let go, with a touch of inquiry, observation of unparalleled response.

Unparalleled slightly surprised, do not have the joy of her heart seem too obvious? That this metamorphosis of her attempt to see through the emperor?

"Do not, ah, the emperor, whatever the outcome, we are a husband and wife, you do not see the surface also depends on the Buddha Monk, died long before the Queen Mother Goddess, you do not me? You that makes me a person how to live, ah, how to live? I have always admired you, really, I daughter's body to my testimony, lie if I said that, let me endless meat of these precious away immediately! "Warriors face hung suddenly face the pain of endless weeping , a nose a tear suddenly clinging to the emperor's arm is not Kensa hand, and extremely bad for severely grabbed his sleeve rubbed his face.

"I know you are a shameless woman! Really idiot, I for you, never a trace of emotion, which we will be with you the wedding that day made it clear that you yourself do not see your real position, but also wishful thinking I will be mindful of your good? mindful of our marital affection? I tell you, this life is impossible! "

The next moment, was mercilessly pushed unparalleled, ferocious stare at the emperor that evildoer to do now is wronged like her, blasted the left one: "The next time you dare touch the associated body, I immediately cut the your hand! "will walk away and leave.

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