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July 06 [Sat], 2013, 10:56
> Three hundred and fiftieth IX [happened suddenly (2)] When Tang Xiaofeng who is thinking about how to deal with things that were drowning in time, suddenly in his ears a crisp sound,Oakley Sunglasses Juliet, while Tang Xiaofeng is absent payable loudly. But he then to react some wrong, when he raised his head and looked Looking back on the sound source when standing not far away to see their own people could not help but be surprised to Daizheng in place. Tang Xiaofeng can not imagine how people stand on its own is actually not far from Siu Lek. And Tang Xiaofeng not the slightest mental preparation, because, according to him and Tang Zhengming arrangements and plans, Siu Lek should know what's going on now is not fishes, so small now how to go Teng Lek Shenyang City People's Hospital, came up on it? And this girl in Tengyang simply unfamiliar, if not come with a purpose, it is impossible to be struggling to run around in a strange city. Then Tang Xiaofeng suddenly remembered that paging in the cafeteria, he immediately looked at the screen paging out, but there it was shocked to see the captions of the two characters, "speed back" Tang Xiaofeng heart could not help but see here some smile together, now do not think perhaps also what was wrong, since it is so, it is still better to go with the flow. Tang Xiaofeng will paging and back pocket, then take the opportunity to adjust his face for a moment, try to relax and slightly surprised look and said: "Look, Siu Lek you how come I'm not saying I have a little something to the hospital a few days on the back thing? "" Tangge I see you did not go back to now, some want you,Coach Coin, before he went to see you here. "Chang Lek see neatly dressed Tang Xiaofeng uneventful standing in front of their own, without the previous instant tension, smiling affectionately said. Tang Xiaofeng hear Siu Lek actually say that, when Tang Xiaofeng heart has begun some distressed, Siu Lek's character has always been not very strong, but since she meet her in Beijing, in addition to their own to Shanghai that after she basically have not been separated with their own, if you let her know his own thing, do not know whether she can withstand strikes, so it is still soon to coax her back for good, thought here Tang Xiaofeng Zhang Lek said: "How can you say so exaggerated ah, I'm just busy at the hospital in just two days and you know that I'm a restless person, we picked up the last of that family in the park, just that they are now staying in this hospital, Therefore, I request the families of patients they are treating, so I just told you last night, said to call back a few days, but because there was something, it did not make things clear. "If in the past such words Siu Lek on Tang Xiaofeng it will definitely be convinced, but now it is a small Lek Tang Xiaofeng, then cast doubt on the Tang Xiaofeng even say such subterfuge to deceive themselves, the heart of the move Tang Xiaofeng Xu felt slightly unhappy. Because he called last night with his time, obviously said that night with former colleagues to dinner, did not mention anything else, and later younger brother and grandfather singular act, but also to the hearts of students, Siu Lek doubt, although she did not hear Chuxiao Shu and grandfather talking about something, but she still heard a smattering of vague outline, especially younger brother left,Oakley Pit Boss, my grandfather finish a phone in the living room, you sat glumly, his send him feet of water when continuous shouting three times grandfather to react, it's all so deeply puzzled Siu Lek. So today, while Tang Siu Lek Father inadvertently slipped out, ran all the way to ask Teng Yang City People's Hospital, but did not think the door just did not take long to see Tang Xiaofeng head down thinking about something, absently walking with. But the thought Tangge already is like this, some of the things work, he also never told himself, but he is never asked. But this time, Siu Lek do not know how it is, perhaps because of his own doubts, perhaps because of my curiosity, but she is considered to be their own concerns, it is particularly Tangge wondering what to do now in the hospital, especially listen Tangge honest with ourselves. But look at this now, Tangge does not intend to be honest with ourselves, so whatever they themselves must find ways to get at the truth down. Thought here, Siu Lek right Tang Xiaofeng, said: "The family how, Tangge sister who okay, nothing that two children now, to hear you say so, I also want to see how they like it, after all, At that time we also go too hasty, and now in retrospect indeed some should not ah. "Tang Xiaofeng hear Siu Lek say, could not help but hesitated, he did not think would make this request, Siu Lek, if he knew Siu Lek has this idea, then, was in any case will not say this thing, because the patient's family now will certainly exclude themselves, but he is now with a small drain to Gaoyayangke if so, is tantamount to the things they want to hide exposed, God knows Gaoyayangke high officers and those guys will say something. "Not now, another day, and so on back to patients about the same time, I go back to see them come together with you, because patients in the hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and not just people to visit, but I still have things to do, you went to the hospital today, it did not notify me in advance, I have no time to accompany you, things too much, you'd better go back, unfamiliar people running around on the outside, and then carefully went astray Road Can not find my way back. "Tang Xiaofeng knew Siu Lek's character, if not immediately get her back retired cadres, also Zhibu Ding she wants to be in the hospital for how long, and she followed his side, then either do it yourself What is not easy, I am afraid she will be aware that over time what, if that's the case, I am afraid that something bad will. Zhang self-care leave and start their own canteen came out, I'm afraid it will not be long before Zhang back to the emergency department, as if director Zhu will know just what happened in the cafeteria, and they therefore can not take Siu Lek go to the emergency department, otherwise, it goes outspoken mouth Zhang, Zhi Buding also what trouble to give their Chuochu. So Siu Lek Tang Xiaofeng decided to accompany up to near the hospital turn around, then you have to let her go back to the job quickly. Tang Xiaofeng Chang Lek heard to say, immediately smiled and said: "Tang Ge, I'm not a child, how it might get lost in saying there is not even a taxi lost Well, because I was unfamiliar with, so only way to ask someone to come and stroll, so I can recognize their way way to see the surrounding landscape. "Tang Xiaofeng see Siu Lek did not mean to, mind could not help but smile a little, just about what to say, on the Then all of a sudden buzz of whispers behind me, "Look, is that person, just in the cafeteria ......" M! ~! . . <
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