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> Xiu Luo Dihuang watched his last one army disappeared, but the expression of his face appeared very calm. Seeing Regulus palace master, gathered around, repair Luodi Huang deep breath out slowly said, "I surrender." Surrender? Regulus Gong master looked at each, looked surprised repair Luodi Huang. "I'm not so given to the people, it will not go to emulate those two stupid fool to be destroyed, so I chose to surrender." Repair Luodi Huang is still said slowly. He said the two stupid, needless to say that Emperor Ming and the Jade Emperor. With the surrender of repair Luodi Huang, Asura king Shura those circles, as well as the remnants of three Shura Huang also chose the most sensible way, to surrender. "Take me to your Regulus Palace Miyaji, I will swear allegiance to the Xuan Yuan Temple." Xiu Luo Dihuang crowd watching Regulus Palace Road. Xie Jin throws a prohibition class artifact magic, Asura sector did not resist the crowd was closing in. "Valor, than the Emperor Ming Xiu Luo Dihuang really, more wise Emperor." Tang Xuan said slowly. With the surrender of repair Luodi Huang existence for many years Asura circles proclaimed perish. "From now on, the name of Asura sector erase in seven circles, Asura geographical boundaries belongs reclassified ghost circles, circles Asura army surrendered exhaustively classified under the ghost sector commander." Xie Jin came his command. Feng Caesar was overjoyed, finally lifted the threat of ghost world, and received Asura geographical and military circles, ghost world instantly grow a lot. Ming Xiu Luo Dihuang puppet disappear quietly watching the place, mouth emerges a hint of bitter smile, maybe then I could have such a choice, or at least after this choice freely, and now he could only be a subject manipulated puppet. Triumphant, Regulus Palace army, began to slowly withdraw Ashura around the city, the army Xun ghost sector took over the city and the whole ghost sector recovery, a complete re-emergence of the ghost sector, and this sector has become a ghost Regulus Palace vassal. Despite knowing the result, but everybody did not expect, repair Luodi Huang will choose to surrender, seven circles, not a violent concussion six circles, from seven circles into six circles, the demon world to make allies also left the Devil, But the Devil is absolutely impossible to grips with Regulus palace secretly fears, they need a long time to eliminate. Demon sector has also become very quiet, the spirit world is Regulus Palace is carried out congratulations to the successful conquest of Regulus Palace Asura sector. Friend spirit world now also become a friend of Regulus Palace, in addition to the Buddhist community still remain neutral and silence down the demon world, the Xuan Yuan Gong has no enemies, ghost world belongs to them, the Devil and they are allies, allies of the spirit world is also Even the Emperor, Emperor Xuan, Purple Emperor is now their allies, no enemies only ally, seven circles never seen such a situation. Some people worry that the conquest of Asura Regulus palace circles, the next step is to deal with the attitude is still not showing the demon world, but Regulus Palace chose calm, the army dispersed to their respective territories, to recuperate. Everyone's out of breath deeply, but they did not completely relaxed, who knows the next few hours, Regulus palace would not choose it for yourself the next target? Regulus Palace is one reason to keep quiet after such a long campaign has consumed a lot of resources, had accumulated resources under Regulus house is not much, if not successively occupied territories and the Temple of Emperor Ming, get a lot of resources they impossible to maintain such a long battle. The most important reason is Regulus Palace no ambitions, if only just consume a lot of resources simply can not hinder the pace of Regulus Palace, Temple and earthly resources are sufficient to Regulus Emperor Ming Palace move more large-scale war, but also to maintain no less than thousands of years. Calm, six circles restored usual calm, all wars have ended, just calm down the situation with a previously are worlds apart, or that a change is equal to seven community faces. "Boring ah, really boring, every day the face of these things, I thoroughly bored." Long Feng looked at Regulus house slave to messages from everywhere, loud shouting. "The wind brother, what you are bored, the three of us to accompany you do not call it boring?" Dong Fang Huiyun toward Long Feng shouted. "This, this, is to vent about it, but I am." Long Feng Peizhuoxiaolian road. Snow surplus to three people because of fear of loneliness Long Feng, placed over the repair does not raise accompany Long Feng, Long Feng to say more than they are bored silly. "Master and Mistress go there?" Long Feng Ying three humanitarian asked to snow. "Out of play, and since the Mistress of cultivation in the snow ghosts Emperor Shenfu elevated to the initial repair, the Master and Mistress have been in play throughout." Surplus back to the snow. "It's the envy of Master ah, when I take you out to play it." Long Feng mouth muttered. "The wind brother, you do not say, the three of us with you for so many years, in addition to soaring play once before, other times simply do not play too, although have been to many places Once upon a time, they are for war, there no time to go out and play, so you really want to take us out for a walk, get some fresh air that is good. "Dong Fang Huiyun said. Easy to handle, this easy to handle, I went to Patriarch, let him deal with Regulus Palace temporary thing, I ran out to play again for hundreds of years. "Long Feng said excited." Atta boy, a good thing can not find me, you go out and play, the Regulus Palace threw me, this I can quit, you still enjoy their days here, and I went out exploring Once upon a time. "Ying Rao came the voice in the hall outside, but a few moment, his voice disappeared in front of Long Feng." Me, I can not stand, such as Patriarch actually bullied disciples, can not stand it. "Long Feng said, is angry." By their bitter pit, the original Regulus Palace Miyaji is such a chore, I really want to walk away and quit. "Long Feng muttered." Oh, the wind, is not watching other people out, you work here very boring ah. "| Wide as the child's figure appeared in front of Long Feng." Your ancestors came, and quickly sit down, ah, I Bitter, but also by their bitter pit. "Long Feng greeted Ends wide as the child, suffering a straight face." Oh, you need not actually how Regulus Palace territoriality is ambitious, but not too many things that you need to deal with this ruler, you could go for a walk as long as the messenger to those parties who stationed a command let them handle their own thing, then there are important things for you to report on it. "Wide as the child smiling at Long Feng Tao." Ancestors, so you can? "Long Feng suspect asked." Of course, you can, if not Ying Rao they are afraid of making you run out indiscriminate killing child, has long let you out. "Wide as the child nodded." This ah, good, finally out, ancestors, Patriarch they too suspicious, and I'm simply not interested in dealing with people, and say that I also fail to get out I shot ah. "Long Feng excited, said." Well, you tell those regional commander it, so you'd be able to go for a walk, but the time is not too long, after all, you are Regulus Palace Miyaji. "Wide as the child asked the Road." Thank ancestors. "Long Feng delightedly wide as the child thanks." Well, now I have to get out, all these years did not go out, do not know what a few other changes in health sector no. "Wide as the child muttered to himself. Longfengshan escort wide as the child, the meaning of their own fast passed to the Emperor stationed regional level master, let these people act with discretion. Arrange these people, Long Feng and on their own Regulus troops around the palace and made arrangements for these forces are Longfengshan puppet army men, is also very easy to set up, nothing more than let those experts puppet army command and take care of Regulus Palace. account of all good things, Long Feng with a beast army, the four evil beasts, eight giant, as well as three Mrs. Snow surplus, oriental wisdom, the East Fang Huiyun left Regulus Palace. territoriality Long Feng Gong for Regulus had never properly toured to bend circuitous routes, Long Feng tour of their possessions as much as possible, all the beautiful scenery. "wind brother, and now his disciples are also soaring, and think we are now also become a founder-level presence, the time off really was quick. "Dong Fang Huiyun laments." One thousand years, we soar Once upon a time there are a thousand years. I did not expect this for thousands of years, gave birth to so many things, many of us do not even have imagined. () "Oriental wisdom also laments. Surplus to snow slightly nodded, did not say anything." Xue Ying What are you thinking? "Long Feng Ying a snow saw to help silence asked." I think Master. "Snow surplus to the expression of a slightly dark road." Xue Ying us good practice in the future can be Shishu greet back. "Long Feng said spontaneously." Wind brother, are you talking about? Shishu had died a long time. "Dong Fang Huiyun Jingwen Long Feng Tao." Dead into the ghost world, that immortal dead and gone there? You have not thought about this problem? "Long Feng swept three humane. Three people shouted, shaking his head, because they do not know, have never heard of, immortal dead going anywhere." Underworld, immortal dead go to the Underworld, and actually it is a same with the spirit world exists. "Long Feng faint." Underworld, Underworld what place, that the underworld and in what place? "Ying eagerly asked to snow." I do not know, I just listen Yat Siu said, if we soaring, you can go to the underworld. As Mistress Master then put Shishu take back. "Long Feng said quietly. Long Feng's words gave hope to a surplus of snow, although she did not know where the underworld, at least she now has a target and hope." Well, then we took off as soon as possible, to the underworld to find Master. "The force of the snow Ying nodded. Long Feng did not say that his side has a dark beast, but did not say too deep underworld beast gave birth once described a terrible war, he did not want to worry about snow Ying With Target The apparent surplus to perk up the snow, pulling Oriental wisdom, East Fanghui Yun's hand flashed back and forth, Long Feng only with the three of them behind, along with their degree of change. Regulus Palace possessions they have gradually flight to Mens North Face Nuptse Down Sale an end, the next is to the north boundary of Emperor Xuan. "wind brother, Emperor Xuan we went over there to play good or bad, I heard that there are some good environment. | "Dong Fang Huiyun Road." Nice idea, but I think the Buddhist community walk, Mirs and Xing Yuan two people are already soaring, so many years have not seen them, I want to look at the past, that is how my disciples ah, there has been soaring South Master blame for so many years I miss him, and want to see him as early as the elderly. "Long Feng said." To the Buddhist community, yes, yes, we go now, so in the future Emperor Xuan then have time to explore the area too late. "East Fanghui Yun Tao." Wind brother, you are the master when a very incompetent, this two disciples since become your disciple, you have not primed them one day, you really should pay a little more for these two disciples what Otherwise, these two disciples unfair. "Ying said the snow." Yes ah, my master when the exact incompetent, worth mentioning, this time to see them, be sure to properly compensate for it. "Long Feng nodded without saying good point, Long Feng is to say immediately filled with a strong yearning of Italy, South Master, according to Gu Youjia this for him, for his enormous efforts of the Master, he has a thousand years have not seen, and now think of his own when the disciple is too incompetent. "go to the Buddhist community, the sooner the better. "Long Feng for the other three humanitarian. Four light moments across the sky, Long Feng four people to fast degrees Ganben Buddhist community, despite the Buddhist community from a distance where they are now some locations, but did not spend too long of the time, Long Feng, who came to the territory in contact with the Buddhist community in which star field. before the Jade Emperor, now Regulus Palace, with the Buddhist community bordering a star field, and now the location of Long Feng Buddhist community is bordered with Regulus Palace The star field in which the two sides bordering the planet is not much garrison, and some of these troops just to maintain order at the planet, Long Feng is not a high-profile appearance, he do North Face Hoodie Sale not want to cause the movement of many Regulus Palace army in the border troops did not even notice a thing under the Long Feng three people entered the Buddhist community and the star Regulus palace bordering the domain of stars above where the buildings are golden, whether roads or houses, are so, all the way over in addition to encounter some common people, the number of ordained monks, they hurried footsteps or to or to, some Xiufo who some of them are some of the Buddhas, who are not all Xiufo monks attire, there are many Buddhist circles lay disciples, although wearing them immortal generally goes with the ordinary, but hidden emerged a strange solemn entire Buddhist community is full of harmony and peaceful atmosphere, what were the seven circles Pure Bliss, then it is the Buddhist community They never invade others, and never afford war, unless someone attacks them. 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