waving a sword cut his finger

June 21 [Fri], 2013, 12:43
> Two Xi Yi ten, I Pooh, soap Orioles car wearing servant clothes, standing hear Shao Jie Zheng Lu ... Spring this a "heartfelt words" almost laughed crossing the gas. Then fierce as a tiger carrying Zhang Yuan ran over, they looked stunned quietly stood in a large Sharp countless Frankenstein, and my heart fly from the air, really there are so many "patriotic warrior"? Shao Jie Chun-fa nerves bad enough, how so many people came out to follow him sour gas. There is a conspiracy, must be a conspiracy. Zhang Yuan heart can not help but think so, but with his intelligence, really think of any conspiracy. Shao Jie spring may not matter what the conspiracy plot, he took the hand of Zheng Lu and Jiang Baitao refused to release, turned to Wang Xingjian said: "palace station, now forage and Xiangyong righteous are in place, you can not know what the bandits good policy? "good policy ass, I had nothing to think about, Wang Xingjian heart cursed, but his mouth was said:" Shao adults Moji, but eight opponents kiosk, forces across the Yangtze River region, to destroy the water bandits, short span of time, and the capacity of long-term perspective. "Shao Jie spring mouth hand hum sneer or two, he rose to the rank from the third grade, which officialdom would not understand that a" long-term perspective, "in other words, it is" This is something the game "it seems Wang Xingjian these people do not fly. He turned to her sweetly and Jiangbai Tao Zheng Lu said: "two righteous, may have broken bandit of the medication?" Jiang Baitao looked Zheng Lu, see Zheng Lu gives him an encouraging wink, then laughed: " Shao excellency, "I have a plan, although some stupid, but certainly effective! "" Oh, but said nothing wrong. "Jiangbai Tao said:" Water bandit over the Yangtze River, to the villain's lair in order to play them, but also quite troublesome. Let's imitate the arena as gang warfare, to give them the next afternoon, eight kiosk originally reprobate gang saw gauntlet will come, when you can beat them in one fell swoop. "" Positive Yingkang? "Shao Chun Jie heart a sweat, can not help but ask:" Although there are more than two thousand two righteous hands, but the water bandit many fear a war can not win. Furthermore,Outlet Oakley Oil Rig, the water will be foolish enough to take the gauntlet bandit do? "Of course then, I itself is water bandit, a gang of about another gang warfare, how can people not to the truth, that is not to lose face, to even think about the future of the trail mix in rivers and lakes. Jiangbai Tao said:" Shao adults worry, the water will definitely be bandit gauntlet, as long as you let the officers do not show up, do not scare the water bandit on the line. As can win, "Let's be generous to understand the point right now, If we win, Shao adults you have a sheer merit, If we lose, you have not lost a soldier a Mou, fear Gesha." There truth, I do not send a soldier a rate, waiting to take merit, this is not bad, Shao Jie Chun man though decent, but decent does not mean that does not make the mind. He smiled and said: "Well, in order not to scare off the water bandit, I called men stay away, definitely not to blending the two of you just do bold. Destroy all the water bandit known, Zheng Lu and Jiang Baitao see things become, no longer much nonsense, they smiled and arch of the hand, with his own people to pull back. they left, Shao Chun Jie put eyes on the big odd light, facing him with over Zhang Yuan Chen Sheng said: "Da man, I'm looking for you to use with personal borrowing. "" What people? "Zhang Yuan fierce as a tiger lying on the back, Qi said:" How can I give you one can use? "" I want to take guerrilla generals fierce as a tiger, and his hand, and seen that five hundred men! "Shao Jie Chun Chen Sheng said:" If these two righteous counterinsurgency success, I will not move a single soldier shoved general, if two righteous defeat, certainly, and water bandits fight a lose-lose. When we talk to the officers and men on the stroke Pozei! "Oh wow, I thought it was already spring Shao Jie Yue dizzy head, the result is still a little material thing, Zhang Yuan fool the hop, it seems that not many fools on this world, ah," "and those who smoked flesh and blood of waste to say why We go directly to troops bulldozed the eight water plug, not on the line? "back on the road, facing Zheng Lu Ying soap dissatisfaction authentic. "I'm dizzy, do you think we are still Shaanxi ah?" Zheng Lu snappily said: "In Shaanxi, could not understand who you are, you can play soldier who, it is because of Shaanxi chaos, the streets were peasant uprising But in Sichuan, still have to behave in life. "soap warbler raised his eyebrows:" This is some officer, not a good thing, it Shao Jie spring I barely pleasing to the eye. Jiaozhang that child element, a pair of old to me Zeiyan aiming, left on my hands. certainly dug his eyes. "" Cut, you covet your beauty when people are watching you do it? "thieves looking Zheng Lu said:" They are watching you ugly, could not help but see you two do you think about it, if you see an ugly man in the street, really ugly unsightly and you will see more of two of. "" you "soap Orioles beautiful face rising from the touch of bright red, black and white eyes filled with anger. But she was Zheng Lu gas has been a lot of times, and slowly began to have free fatigue strength, only angry moment, to calm down, touch authentic: "I knew that looks not ugly, you do not need to say that these deliberately to annoy me . "" Haha, okay, even if you are not ugly it looks. "Zheng Lu hee hee laughs:" But you have only nine fingers, how men would like nine fingers of a woman, you would only left ugly death. "Soap Orioles face like Furui no wave, not because of a malicious attack that Zheng Lu thrown a ripple, she proudly said:" I think that only the left hand really nice. bird finger off was worth it, I soap Orioles innocence of the body, there is only left as evidence. "" cut, clear what white ah, the last time I even touched the waist, "Zheng Lu Carter, suddenly felt around soap warbler trembling, he quickly corrected himself and said: "Last time also took the waist to touch my hand," "You, you rogue" brush to cry, and a gleaming feijian close to Zheng Lu flew past the ears, cut off Zheng Lu thirty-four beard, that several Root broken hair in the cold shock mist floating in flying. "Wow, Li Yifeng, you're still my escort you? How a woman told me a sword, your body motionless!" Zheng Lu to new guard shouting road. Li Yifeng smile: "Zhang Yichen chiefs said that if the soap Orioles chieftains to you a sword, I could not care" "You, how can you not care? You called dereliction of duty, malfeasance crime mean you understand me?" Zheng Lu fiercely authentic : "a person guilty of dereliction of duty, subject to torture chamber die!" "owner" Li Yifeng shy authentic: "I never heard of dereliction of duty, do not know what torture chamber, but the chieftains said Zhang Yichen , if soap Orioles chieftains sword cut you sure that you not cut, really not fun, this new guard still can not meet my spoof, too serious a. Zheng Lu no longer ignore him, and turned his head away, facing the other side Jiangbai Tao said: "Jiang main fact. Eight kiosk to book challenges, you go to the trouble to write about it. Say, a month later, to find pieces of smooth point river, far away from the city point, the officers and men not in control of where we both hit a bustling, points a winner. "Jiangbai Tao Ying said:" No problem, I and their source of deep lobe, which is certainly a gauntlet angry they Yifochushi, two Buddhist Zheng Lu smiled and said: "Then there is the main fact Jiang labor, as I say, hey, Orioles soap you have to go get the money shipped back Zhun macro, told him to bring two thousand teams, we get ready. Fengdu two days to go around. "" Go Fengdu what? "soap Orioles The gas has not healed, snappily asked. "I went to would be Fengdu faction Zhao Hymenocallis, hey!" Zheng Lu said: "He deserved it bad luck, Who we here from near Fengdu it." "Huh? Did not you just call the main fact Jiang gauntlet hair do?" Soap Orioles strange: "Since the gauntlet made in respect of the time and place written by war,Oakley Radar Sunglasses, both sides fight to the death row to open troops fishes, how can we help first play Fengdu truth." "I'm dizzy! you when we are Binbin gentleman, standing Chengxiazhimeng ah? "Zheng Lu snappily authentic:" fair in war, diversion, stealing "loss of man-interested, Crosses, adding insult to injury" These trick you heard it? mention to them that the river down the gauntlet the main fact, they gang warfare down the gauntlet, control me what this businessman? "" You, "again before the three. Fairly ploy behind the three considered what? "Soap Zheng Lu Ying was about to be gas halo." Well behind these three is my special trick! "Zheng Lu laughed." Nonsense, nonsense. "Soap Orioles said:" This is clearly the attitude of your life, you are a loss of human interest has, Crosses, adding insult to injury rotten scoundrels! "" Oh, my strengths are you so straightforward to say, really sorry. "Zheng Lu Haha a chuckle:" Do not Wanla do serious things right, go call earth floating macro, we go to Fengdu. "Soap Orioles shook white Haowan, feijian Shuadeyixia went back to her sleeve, she exclaimed with a cold voice:" rogue "I commonly you do good, but also be the people hearts of the people. Had seen You Shaanxi forces such as God, Crack soldiers. few days ago another coup Warriors, beat Huanhua teach "you should" should be a good man, should also be regarded as a hero, right? "" Nonsense! "Zheng Lu smiled and said:" If I was not good people, there are good people in this world do? "" Then why do you always trying to find fault with my little woman? "soap Orioles rare insight reveal weak to face, warm channel:" You Do not Funny, and It well a man of indomitable spirit I would really give you soap Orioles when the maidservants, but also willing to "Oh, that this meant a change in the direction it is, now I'm putting on airs, you follow me reluctant, ha ha! "Zheng Lu to focus on the point of sentence. Soap Orioles did not answer this question, continued:" You once told me Huanglong mountains, if I did not love you, you would not touch me. Do not you want to be a man of indomitable spirit, let me go for you, willing to follow you, with you, to touch? "" Haha, soap Orioles, you really beautiful, I would say do not be tempted, it is false. "Zheng, Lu said:" But what is a man of indomitable spirit what standard? I do not know, I do not want to know. I'm bad, therefore I am, I fall so I'm happy, my temper kept for five years, will not change. You have to love to love, not love does not love. You have to go along with "" this is your idea, then you have not thought about my idea? "Soap warbler white cheeks red clouds flew two groups,Oakley Pit Boss, she seriously authentic:" You saved me three hundred public life, and I promise to give you so Chores, even if you no matter how I think. My body has not his own, where also able to go somewhere else. I ask you, what is your view of what to me? Men, friends, slaves? Clear to me early this relationship, we can talk between clearly, plainly, not to go out so much mess of trouble. "" Uh, the issue really is a test to me. "Zheng Lu pondered a lot, hehe smiles:" It can not be both hands, and a friend, also a slave do? Tell you what, I have always had a desire: a great beauty to follow me around, and I am a little ambiguous, but a bit sweet, but she has some awkward sum of my trouble, but one key, she still have to listen to me. " Guwahati ha ha, now you will be just the role of soap warbler big angry, she angrily said: "If your people should have listened to you, but when you have done wrong, we must dare to persuade sickle. If your friend, and you through thick and thin, and his support. If your slave, would look by you, and not a little defiance, "men, friends, slaves, how can you be one of the three you" you "I am so seriously ask you a question, you still have good skin smiles results answer, really mad at me too! "soap Orioles rare courage, and Zheng Lu want to be clear, my expectation that no rogue or a truth, all empty words floated, she'd turn around, step three step did not run the shadow children. Go Zhun macro troop movements to go. Zheng Lu sighed, facing Li Yifeng said: "theater seen enough yet? Fun does not?" Li Yifeng mouth fell open, stunned authentic: "owner" you soap Orioles chieftains, is not it too ", so that what a little. "" You are not going to talk, too ruffian up? do not generous attempts? "Zheng Lu laughed. "Uh, I can not say, this is the club You said it yourself." Li Yifeng Zheng Lu spoof see again and again, gradually less of formal, verbal began loudly together. Zheng Lu said: "What do you think soap warbler how this woman? I'm not saying how her character, but that she as a woman is, do you think?" Li Yifeng thought for a long time, said: "very beautiful, I was seen the most beautiful woman, but ... seemed less like a woman, a bit too much pride, always put yourself in the promise binding inside Daosi a man. "" Ha ha, you're right pole pair. "Zheng Lu smiles : "She is this man too rigid, and all day long promise, faith, innocence," waving a sword cut his finger, Distressed follow me this nasty person, she seemed to take on the suffering of the world have generally been alive back in the body. " so you got to be happy? "" I told her that I would not cover my eyes that day little longer; want that land, and then could not bury my heart; want that living beings have understood my meaning; want that Buddhas, have vanished and I was to whirl round living, refreshing the live, want to laugh will laugh, cry to cry, who hit who wants to play "I want to understand soap warbler, a life, we must free, on To free. I never mentioned her promise of promise, but nothing to put forward her own, so alive, so what? "Zheng Lu laughed and said:" If she is willing to speak, I promised her freedom, with her goofy, Oh, but she was a good martial arts, there are faith, hope, I hope she can help me stay in the army in . "Li Yifeng hear to stay, and after a long while before exclaimed:" The original "long ago fell in love with the original owner of the Orioles soap, but refused to admit it. Said a long time, I just listen to understand this." "My mind Which is right out. "Zheng Lu hehe smile, and my heart can not help but think, that heroic sword finger, you were not present when towering, how can I understand. Soap warbler that only four fingers left hand, really beautiful! A! ~! . . <
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