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April 06 [Fri], 2012, 10:20
Headphones now play more and more roles in our daily life, especially this high technique times. Since headset has became so important, selecting a headphone is a serious thing,monster heartbeats by lady gaga high performance in ear headphones with controltalk universal black here we searched some materials about headphone when we purchase on line.
Attached specification
1, about the online price: now the website headset sales price basically is unified, namely it is the general agent of the standard to retail price, the price is in order to protect the interests of the retailers and market of normal operation, understandable, but because the price is of great profit space, the real price of headset in part of the web site has certain floating, so please net friends before buy you might as well ask the actual price, look where to cut to the lowest price.
2, parallel and licensed goods: most selling of the larger web site is licensed, after service has security, some informal channels came in as the price will be a lot cheaper, for these parallel goods, quality is usually no problem, but no after-sale protection, so please pay attention as your own discretion.
3, second-hand headset: there are quite a few web sites selling imported second-hand headset (we call it "the trash"), although there are also many cost-effective products, quality is not stable, even some bad vendors change inferior headset unit, adulterate, deceptive flash will be higher than the actual price and so on, so we don't recommend you to buy similar products, if you want to buy, as far as possible please contact professional people help to choose.
For their own second-hand headphones, usually the quality is much better, but second-hand exchange risk must give enough attention, it is better to build the trade with familiar net friend, or entrust the local net friend of vendor help deal, or choose intermediary services.
How to understand evaluation
First it is how to see the problem of evaluation
how to get the correct conclusion from different points of view in the evaluation? This need a little patience and analysis:
Many headphones comments often are contradictory, so that the new net friend looks more confused, if this kind of circumstance appears, please don't feel anxious, the analysing, for example, someone has been listening to HD600, K501, if he listen to music with KSC35, depreciation is very normal, and someone only heard machine of rotten headphones before, highly praising to KSC35, which also is normal. So seing the point of view and music itself preferences, the key point is reference to posts which is similar with his fever degree, such easy to come to the correct conclusion.
Second, evaluating from the system perspective, the front equipment often has a great influence on the final evaluation results, so evaluation should pay attention to the front of the testing equipment, including audio source, headphone amplifier and so on, again, based on his front to consider the situation. Similar HD600 and other high-end headphones need to the major front end investment to express due effect, if they don't have a good front end, then don't expect others evaluation effect.
The fourth point, see disadvantages than advantage, when you likes one headphone, you must know more about its shortcomings, nobody's perfect, headset is even more so, even the top headphones also has its flaws, consider whether you ignore or bear these defects. Once heard a headset is very good for their taste, bought immediately, although its advantages make you satisfied, defects will more and more bother you, monster heartbeats by lady gaga high performance in ear headphones with controltalk universal white the last shot. Similar problems common in the triangle series and many listening Monster beats dr dre headphones.
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