technical request is not really very high

April 06 [Fri], 2012, 10:01
MONSTER cable is always a superb brand representative and absolute quality guarantee inside audio and video transmission line! In the field of Hifi, good wire and good fittings DIY surrounding for enthusiasts use are often the case! they infrequently buy ready-made, one reason is much cheaper price,monster inspiration titanium noise canceling black over ear headphones also they are able to have voluntary match according to their own needs, evident promotion effect. After all, in this respect, technical request is not really very high, but request from wire and the quality of the parts! People who contact with monster, when seeing joints, can find that the plating is very good, no matter just how long you use, all are golden light, some with the inferior products, coating might fall off once collided, and after several month, it is in gray. But monster wire is in addition very expensive. As the emergence with SACD/DVD-AudioHDTV high bandwidth storage formats and the popularity of over 20000 Hz tremendous high loudspeaker, the traditional 20 Hz to help 20000 Hz bandwidth has distant to meet with a lot of these high frequency equipment request and also limit the performance of advanced level equipment, and these broadband equipments, whose popularity diappear within these years, the playback music frequency can cover 2 Hz-100 KHZ, as an outcome, MONSTER specially developed that broadband high band wide Audio line for SACD/DVD-Audio equipment, making it available to find the precise sound replay in the whole frequency range. You may let your player and supertweeter perform incisively together with vividly.
MONSTER cable developed two categories of broadband Audio line altogether, one is 400MKII with Interlink series, the other is M550i HR inside M series, both get distinct style trend, this can be a introduction of this two types.
400 MKII tends to high density and resolving power along with the fast response speed, the proportion of each one frequency range is well-balanced, tone is plain, both ends' extensibility can get vivid and transparent sound; while M550i HR tends to music taste, has a very good voice and string music performance, the sweet and heavy voice, soulful singing string music get into your ear, just like the pleasant flickering rosin scent in the violin, full of contamination. Each frequency band comes with good extensibility, also occurrence is first-class.
specifically targeted at SACD/DVD-Audio,
Monster beats dr dre headphones developed hifi excessive broadband Audio signal facial lines, which can completely satisfy SACD/DVD-Audio 2 Hz-100 KHz ultra-high bandwidth requirements, making it keep smooth frequency response curve within 2 to 100 KHz Hz full frequency range, in listening, the biggest difference using ordinary CD Audio line could be the better extension of a couple heads, frequency response is incredibly wide and very lengthen, details are also very rich, we can also use two sound track normal CD machine to connection in the power amplifier, it can also play out the advantages of wide frequency, sound field is incredibly wide, extend is very good.
From this product's introduction we could know Monster beats dr dre headphones are of top quality in not only design but also performance they put out, they really do set a base in regards to music and the headphone sector. Monster is a item you can really purchase. monster inspiration pearl white noise canceling white over ear headphones cheap monster headphones on sale.
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