Yue Zhongshan thought the atmosphere

August 16 [Fri], 2013, 16:42
In a short time. [text first book Wang Li is laughing to, as he came with three very pretty woman, Chen Buyun saw, waved, went straight to the three woman to come to wine volatile away, turned around, for Wang Li shook his head and said: vice principal Ren, or call your manager Wang, you are learning is very fast, not only the management Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Youth capacity of enterprises to enhance the ability of communication, which is also advancing with the times. Wang Li to see Chen Buyun just called his job, he blew it, he smiled apologetically explained: it's not a casual person, we are the factory cadres, we very much attention to new products, will turn out. Chen Buyun was cold to hum a, Wang Li heart sinks down, the other he is not afraid, Canada Goose Resolute Parka Men afraid of Chen Buyun to his impression of this change, want to know now development zone is very good, but this situation is changing for any reason, he know, nature is not a little offended Chen Buyun, explained up: Director, I apologize, but this is really afraid of delay the opportunity, and the guests. The woman who called attention to find a few? What is this idea?! Chen Buyun's face was dark, though he knew that Mens North Face Apex Bionic Outlet is almost not worth mentioning a mall in the unspoken rule, but also by the beauty of the banquet atmosphere is also really easy to make up, but he still stubborn wants to keep a pure land, these evil wind evil is not the whole society to do, is correct. Wang Li to see Chen Buyun has risen to the height of the thought, the heart is even more shockingly, the atmosphere is also not out of his head down, in the face of Chen Buyun was afraid to say anything, he knew that this time more explanation was bad, the best way is to accept Chen Buyun's criticism. Yue Zhongshan thought the atmosphere, then smiled and waved his hand, said to Chen Buyun: old Chen, the director Wang is also a well intentioned, now this society is like this, you don't blame the manager wang. Chen Buyun, Yue Zhongshan, and stood there is not a sound atmosphere for Wang Li, eventually sighed and said: I am not the kind of moral cleanliness, also know that only the atmosphere is what appearance,, I was such a principle, regardless of how I do, other places, but in the US by the open area, in our holding enterprise, this unspoken rule or as early as possible to withdraw it, as long as we have to make money, but also their own strength, is said to eat when there is no hostessing can let a heart want development together, always want to win investors or clients to go?! If that's the case, customers and investors that are not worth our attention. Is, is, director, you are right! Wang Li although both in age or seniority is than Chen Buyun to the old, but in front of Chen Buyun, he did not dare to qualifications that, to say to Chen Buyun to preside over the work, there are some heart not convinced, so now he is a one-track mind's convinced, both in the control under the measures, or in the business by the open area of tolerance, or in the open area by the trend of development, Chen Buyun does have a he >
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