be slightly higher than the square

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> This week no recommended, but have to work hard today, two more! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ three hundred and twelfth chapter Long Chen as sound as the flood into the ears of Li Huan, Li Huan originally thought that after the defeat of the Tang Wu, Ming domains were young talent Chun Only they can call this title, but do not ever know suddenly emerge between the parties maple, see Thereafter, the voice of jealousy, he saw lights in the hands of Li Huan slightly light, a bunch of charms appear immediately on the light. wwW! qUANbeN! coM party is already seen as maple, waiting is Li Huan Zhefan move, seen in the hands of Fu Zhi Li Huan after flying, Fang Feng suddenly back, exudes a part of his mid-Yuan Ying peak coercion. Coercion under repair but even worse on a class, but Li Huan still startled mind, mouth overflow ray of blood. Right now the square, only the two parties maple and Lee Huan, as a Presbyterian elder is carried away by Fan and injured are being SU Yi Tang Wu Fu go, let it rest at the side of healing. Although Fang Feng Wei Li Huan hands pressed pause slightly, but Fuzhi still flew from his hands toward the square maple lasing away. After seeing Fu Zhi Fang Feng, by virtue of its many charms contained on understanding, you can see the paper charms character is a very powerful charms, when the charms are imprinted in the character sheet, By Fu Zhi carrier, can play a very powerful power. Fang Feng see since it is erect surprised, but did not feel fear, but the manipulation started in a purple Langhao, facing Fuzhi light points in the void, he saw even in the void blowing Fuzhi the pause. Li Huan see later, looking pale, Fang Feng could not help but look, said: "What have you done!" "Worth Road Act, but from nature, the nature of power is derived from Fuzhi charms can naturally break with charms , just my charms and some understanding. "Fang Feng against Li Huan said. Li Huan those of the unbelievers, but heard after seeing the square maple is so simple to break his humanitarian law to go after, could not help but feel fear. But he is Mr. Big's nephew, is prescribed within the domain were very honorable man, Li Huan did not think that people can depend on others for their disrespect what guts. But Lee Huan is not thought, in his own party maple Fuzhi was defeated, its heart Shangqie also do not care about this, but it is square maple move forward, watching Lee Huan, the heart in the Yi Tan, will real dollars injected into the own Quanfeng above the cheek toward Li Huan suddenly hit the punch. Li Huan felt neither too long nor short decades of life, never had such experiences, even more than ten years before they have committed the most serious offense when it is only by their uncle, Mr. disciplinary retreat three big load, but there is none had any scolding them. But nowadays, Li Huan felt as if his mind is so stuck on just the scenes, watching the square maple suddenly hit fists in his cheek, Nama pain is nothing, but to be in their own playing at the moment, Li Huan knew that he wanted to be henceforth status plummet, Ming domain disciples were to see their demeanor will also change. Li Huan does not allow this to happen, it is not allowed himself to be insulted like a nobody, so be playing next moment, he saw Li Huan this is dull eyes, even emerge out of touch of blood red, the eyes look to the side of maple full intention to kill, and looked at Fang Feng forthrightly said: "You're daring me killed!" Yuehua Jian Li Huan is like a wild beast, maple move away toward the side, and at the same time in its move , went so far as to see his hands a bottle of black flowers, black flowers resorted to in the post, I saw Lee Huan blood ejected a black-spend, spend black blood after exposure to extremely bright. However, everything is not finished, the black flowers come into contact with blood, you see black spend petals wither even the flowers, the petals wither maple is turned into a side road toward striking blur. Fang Feng, but it is long since all income fundus, originally playing in Li Huan body punch is to discipline him, but he did not wanted to use Shazhao really dare, so parties will not hesitate maple is also in the hands of Zijin Langhao Void waved to see real dollars into a square maple Zijin Langhao fired one in the void charms, but it was like a road charms breeze blew away any time may be like, nada. However, Fang Feng is in the draw after charms, like consuming a lot like real dollars, but after seeing this road charms, Fang Feng, but it is showing a look of satisfaction, and mouth Qing Xiao said: "disease!" With Fang maple one order, Fang Feng just marching out of the charms even in the void burst after burst charms and nothing happens, as if it is so lost in nothingness, however, resorted to just ignore the black flower petals is maple near the square feet, you can not move anything like, are blocked in the void. Li Huan see hereafter, was actually bitten tongue, will a more polished and blood sprayed on the black spend, then saw a black flower is like being wrapped in black and red in general, seem bright exceptions, and just resorted to petals, this time also emerge out of touch of dark red. Was attached to the blood of black flower petals,Oakley Deviation Clearance, after coming into contact with blood, even in the void flashing the already spread petals, even once again unite, into a half-like razor, only seen by patches of black flowers. The upper half is black petals of flowers, petals blooming in general, with the formation of a half razor, which suddenly cut down to one, was surprised to see the void like a rift-like appearance, followed by unequal parties react maple When you see it actually piercing into the room, toward the side maple approaching. Fang Feng is see Thereafter, looking a steep, hands ink light flash, ancient ink sword followed out of the half saw a sharp razor hit after the sword in the hands of non-stop change, making a half razor although close, but Fang Feng can not hurt nothing. Often this is not a permanent solution has been for a long time, and therefore the rear Seeing maple mind a move, he saw Fang Feng appeared in the hands of a black gourd, dried gourd is black, with square maple murmuring, without ceasing to Reiki hands Black dried gourd is injected, you see black dry gourd strayed a road Sanskrit Sanskrit in ancient ink will form the rear maple sword away, dodge razor half, while dry gourd light afraid of the dark, you see black dry gourd Sanskrit actually float on, turned into a big net-like, half the Li Huan wielding razor trapped therein. Half razor trapped while, to see Li Huan mouth on this ray of blood ejected, looking extremely tired. Side of the Fan elders see Thereafter, the hearts do not know for what idea,Oakley Sunglasses HOLBROOK, but it was no bother, just quietly watching, because in the minds of the elders Fan, do not much want to know, Fang Feng can be so bold, is determined Bong big President's life, this time to see weekdays domineering Li Huan is discipline, Fan elders do not know why, actually felt a trace of pleasant feelings in mind wandering. At this point is already a crowded plaza outside, with poor repair crowded each other in the side, eyeing the distance, while the repair was slightly higher, it is brings magic, sitting in the square watching the magic Feng Li Huan will be defeated. But this time it is someone really watched it a square maple, while others are facing the person beside softly asked: "Who is he in the end, even dare Li Huan!" "Do not know, but evidently they know This is the extraordinary man -! "" Although Li Huanping day where not recruit people to be see, but then did not know that he was a monk fight, how do I feel a little uncomfortable. "" Hey, you do not say, I am also In this way, you say how is this going? "Listen beside the two words you made me one of the talks, the two beside a tall, yet thin bamboo, temples is graying man, hoarsely right aside and said: "Debating, depleted what! see their door division of people were playing, it will only talk about it here?" was snapped in two, watching cultivation has Zhenzhi Yuan Ying, and can people like to do two Shishu scold yourself, quickly stepped through, said: "Long Shishu, you see his hands holding the token is not it, who do not know is true or false, so no one would dare rashly shot." "Yes ah, Long Shishu, you see Fan uncles are with any uncles stood aside, I think we still wait for good." to be called for the dragon Shishu people naturally see these,Oakley Jury, then nodded and said: "You say reasonable, but some people bully me out domain disciples were, but I was unable to endure." With Long Shishu discourse side down, to see the dragon Shishu suddenly stood up, to go into the square, Fang Feng looked Baoquan said: "This fellow, I do not know who you are, but I think you tube some more, and today things have also been done enough." "You is who?" side Maple verbally asked. "Long Chen." Long Shishu Saran said Long Saran said Shishu able to do so, one of the reasons is that he had already seen to be slightly higher than the square maple repair yourself, if true confrontation, perhaps no chance, but the dragon Shishu dare to stand here for a reason, and that is because there is a clear domain cases, here is his home, in their own home, someone was hit, it said nothing justified. Long Chen Fang Feng understand the words, it will make out of the hands of the sovereign, facing Long Chen said: "This stuff, it really useless?" "See the sovereign of the sender, as seen sovereign, sovereign disciplinary cases can be replaced Disciples. "Long Chen is also honest replied. Fang Feng is cheeky surprised and said: "Since you know, why so?" "I do not know you this is true, so true a lot of money, since a lot of money really, you hit me in the case of people, even if not on the punishment, but the provocation! "Long Chen getting more and more exciting, more satisfying finally nodded and said to myself. Fang Feng is a head two large, a process, not promised Tang Wu's request, the case would have been the case, Li Huan is still too chaotic scene is not enough, therefore internal loudly shouted: "There is an outsider to our next domain bully cases in which the door, several fellow, who can endure? "" can not be tolerated, as Lee Shishu revenge! "the crowd immediately with Li Huan cronies loudly replied. <
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