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; () This method is feasible? Ming Long March to hear the good news, dubious, he is mid-Yuan Ying Xian Shi, if they do not stalker that he still has some chance of escape, but there is not the same Chuansong Zhen, not only themselves, their sister and six men have the opportunity to escape, Ming Long Lin Feng a month asked carefully. Entirely feasible! But I have one condition! Lin Feng said. Lin brother please say! Ming Lin Feng said Long March to hear entirely feasible, increased his confidence out of thin air, a little excited said. .. I can only guarantee the safety of you and exquisite girl, other people, I do not want to sacrifice their lives for them! Here they attract evil, and I'll take you away. Lin Feng said word by word. What, this will never do, these people are my family, children, and me is the direct descendant of the blood ri Moon, how could I abandon them. Lin Feng Ming Gansu make this six month hearing children do sacrifice, repeatedly shook his head. I have no way, Gansu month girl Lin opponent's attitude really admire, then divert them from the Lin went well, Gansu month girl you bring people to shake light district escape, here is what I have just based on that The memory of Warcraft soul receipt maps. Lin Feng finished, in the hands of more than a roll of jade Jane, a Long March to the girl. Absolutely not! Lin brother, this useless! Ming Gansu month results map, and not directly open, but not North Face Gore Tex alone persuade Lin Feng scraped. Lin Feng looked back smiling and Ming Ming Gansu month exquisite, then a leap, flying directly dawn array ri month, the body of twelve mysterious yin sword handle to make the cut out some of Lin Feng seen flying from the array of magic Wicked immediately around with him, but not see Lin Feng figure, it was twelve mysterious yin handle cut out the sword Jian Qi chopped in half. .. Two leading crocodile see just that name again from the array of human Immortal blaze, thought it was necessary to grasp the tongue, at once both catch up, but this time Lin Feng Xuan yin sword then cover already flying baizhang outside, and use the 'poly Yuan Chaos decisions' will repair to upgrade to the repair of the late Yuan Ying, flying far from the two leading crocodile escape velocity comparable. Other mid-level leaders see the magic of Wicked chased out, have also followed flew together to chase Lin Feng, two leading crocodile fearing natured trick in a busy, ordered all the men to go back and continue the siege ri array dawn of mankind month Immortal, so on their own back. Will be raised to repair the late Yuan Ying Lin Feng, fly evasive faster than you even surprised to see two leading grinding mill Jiji crocodile but was himself widens, but deliberately slowed down in the days chi area other side of Mizar area. According to Ming Hao Qi Jieshao before too, Mizar area is the headquarters of Warcraft, Lin Feng not know, but intentionally so ri moon dawn array of exquisite Ming Ming Long March and had to sweat. See Lin Feng has the most formidable of the two high-end faucet Wicked alligator lead away, silver Yayi Yao Ming Gansu month, facing six Immortal end Dan said: Destroys, knot ri month glare array, haste to Shake light district to go, and I'll bring up the rear! Wicked lost the support of high-end, although ri month there are hundreds around dawn array of mid-range magic Wicked siege, but next month, after all, Gansu mid Immortal Immortal Infant, hands but there is a psychic level magic Dragon dagger, a dagger Huanglong, Dragons Tigers made a moment, and soon Ming Gansu months to blaze a trail. At this time, Lin Feng had already flown Mizar area, indeed, such as Lin Feng advance since mid Wicked soul magic of the information obtained, like Wicked and after the merger of Warcraft, Warcraft almost all moved into Dubhe area, open Yang District, only a small amount of low-level presence of Warcraft. You so slowly! North Face Nuptse Down Outlet I'll wait for you guys for a long time! Lin Feng hands surrounded by twelve mysterious yin sword handle walk in the whole body, nothing to fear waiting for the arrival of two leading crocodile. ..., Brother, this guy is so strange, repair fluctuated, now how is the existence of the latter? Two leading crocodile see Lin Feng does not escape, but keep in the air, quite surprised, where a repair is low, just changing shape of the leading crocodile hide, vomit said. No, this guy who is very strange atmosphere, much like the inferno that person! Another one has come to Changeling interim, the equivalent of the leading mid-Yuan Ying crocodile, shrugged his huge nose, said solemnly. I ask you a few questions, if you answer truthfully, you all left me dead, if you do not answer, then wait for your fate Souhun destroy only a corpse! Lin Feng right coldness flash point, edged in black se of Broken Sword Lin Feng's hands, this black-se of the Broken Sword distributed without aura, but it puts two leading crocodile shudder. A big breath, brother, you left my right, we will be drawn and quartered him, the late Immortal Immortal Infant is not never killed our brothers, I have for a long time did not eat dragon youngest of the Immortal Infant of mankind! Changeling early leader of Lin Feng crocodile was enraged, the whole body scales a one muster, the body actually increased in a circle out of thin air. Youngest, can not underestimate the enemy, the direct use Shazhao, sword in his hand is definitely not where the goods! Another leading crocodile has soared to see their brother, had war, quickly asked his brother not to underestimate the enemy of this impulse. Lin Feng snorted, his right hand a mention of a black se Jianbo heaven, straight shape to that of the early period of the leading crocodile, alligator surprise that faucet, this tall black se Jianbo BaiZhang, there are more than inch wide, scary momentum , quickly sideways want to escape, but Lin Feng already calculated each other's ideas, his left hand grasping, five black se Reiki chains together she out, leading directly to the crocodile that firmly trapped, then waved his right hand off the black se sword at the head of a crocodile's head across the black line, which did not say anything leading crocodile cry out directly by Lin Feng beheaded two paragraphs. Now knot Dan Lin Feng, already on the "Master determination" a new understanding, this set only took a breath, it will be a leader in the early Yuan Ying comparable crocodile beheaded. Lin Feng done all of this does not stop, the left hand touched the universe storage bag, a yellow se pamphlet appeared in the hands of Lin Feng, Lin Feng took the humble pamphlet was beheaded on the TV drama Leading crocodile a photo, a small crocodile soul leading directly sucked into that pamphlet in which this booklet is Lin Feng year in mainland Miaoman obtained one hundred demon illustrations, placed in the storage bag decade did not move heaven and earth, changing shape of today encountered a beast Wicked soul, Lin Feng how can you miss. You, you, you in the end what people? Another leading crocodile see each other only one will cut a grasping his brother beheaded, even stay in place, a move did not move, just Leng Leng Lin Feng. Nothing, I had wanted to give you all dead, so you can cycle, it seems this is not necessary! Lin Feng will be one hundred illustrations demon away, then in the hands of black se Broken Sword one refers directly to the changing shape of the leading mid-crocodile rushing. The crocodile is leading the second of three brothers, but also the smartest one, he saw that he was the other brother a trick beheaded, that he is definitely not the other low hand, do not resist, screaming, and then to his huge tail Lin Feng sweep. Lin Feng want to see each other with their hands Yingkang flesh Masters sword, sneer, to hear cross-cut decision, what will that leading crocodile's tail cut off. However, that leading crocodile tail chop, and did not stop, but leveraging force, directly opposite direction feitao, it was Lin Feng severed tail in the air suddenly blew a huge dance stained with the blood of the sky. Lin Feng see each other, took the tail to protect themselves, knowing fooled, Anjiao bad, just that the leading crocodile killing by their own clergy damaged crocodile If this faucet ran, his plan would come true. ..., Lin Feng a bite, put the Master Sword quickly to chase, but rushed bleeding dance, the whole sky has not seen that the leading figure of crocodile, Lin Feng immediately release the soul, and there is no scope baizhang Reiki fluctuations. Rely on! Beyond that distance to chase Lin Feng know is Dubhe area, where there are a large number of high-level and Wicked World of Warcraft, do not want to own scraped around in search of the soul will not find anything after three times, in the hands of Master Lin Feng sword away, 'poly Yuan chaotic decision' dispersed, restoring the end of Dan seven for the repair, Yang District to open a corner flew. Mizar area in the corner of the wall, Lin Feng careful search, and finally, in a hanging corner, Lin Feng found a stone and articles of stone surrounding the other slightly Yan se the difference, Lin Feng tap the pattern on the piece of stone, and immediately entire walls started issuing rumbling noise, a huge Shimen appear in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng carefully into Shimen, Shimen found that the bottom is a bottomless corridor, Lin Feng handedly dragged a little fireball, slowly walked. I do not know how far away, Lin Feng went to a huge hall, and when Lin Feng hall on foot on this same moment, the entire hall banging a few quick sound, rock walls around the hall brazier burning yourself. Lin Feng in the hands of the fireball away, look around and found the entire hall was empty, but the ground Women's North Face Apex Bionic Clearance is obviously moving the scene, it seems there used to be one of the Ming royal treasure trove, Warcraft was later discovered, had already was evacuated. Lin Feng was not disappointed, sit cross-legged in the hall down from heaven and earth will be one hundred illustrations demon storage bag out, open the third page, a lifelike leading crocodile is engraved on one hundred illustrations demon album in yellow above. Lin Feng reminder curse one hand, the leading crocodile demon soul from one hundred illustrations in the release, and that a loss of one hundred leading crocodile demon illustrations shackles, immediately screaming, and you want to fly evasive, but Lin Feng that is willing to give him a chance, single-handedly Leading crocodile soul in his hands, and then use this faucet triple reincarnation pupil crocodile using Triple dream illusion. A quarter of an hour later, Lin Feng will then incorporated into the one hundred leading crocodile demon illustrations again, then got up and smiled at the hall side of the wall, this time Lin Feng Ling sword again resorted to, towards a seemingly empty chopping off the walls.
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