The journey of growing up

August 17 [Fri], 2012, 12:15
Travels thousands of miles to walk, a wide range; walking; walking, is the Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes footprint of a string of growth years. The journey of growing up along the trajectory of life. Step by step through every step full of wisdom and courage.
Now we take a step forward step forward in the 21st century.
Language, from just landed wah-wah to the Speech Club Road; the burden of the body, covered in easy to heavier and heavier; character, did not understand the notice of Hedley. We have gone through the first stage of life. Juvenile learning life is boring, boring. But more is waiting for us to overcome many hardships. No longer in elementary school is a kind of freedom, fun, easy.
Today, I have been what it used to. Been through a lot, also understand that a lot. tezhengzhu 8-17 No longer as before as "crazy", determined, we will consider right and wrong. Think twice before everything. Unlimited imagination when recalled childhood that is so naive to know blush shy from wearing pants, cried to refuse to her mother on the seam of the crotch.
Ignorant I was missing, leaving have countless troubles. Know what christian louboutin slingbacks sale concern, what is to be assured. When countless troubles not invited to, I know not to escape, but the courage and confidence to face.
Journey of growing up, the trouble number of different, but their music is infinite.
When we see those children, only to find that what is learned in recent years. Also know that the rational use of ...
The journey of growth, in fact, we can as a tourist, but it is a long time, in this special tourism the most important is to learn, learning to play, play is also able to learn. Is free.
The heart of the real world, we know of right and wrong, and half-truths, falsehoods. We are nothing more than two choices; A to evade the B face of ...
On the road, learning the knowledge, know how to use. Do not know good christian louboutin galaxy shoes thinking. From just walking in the moment, very excited, and every day want to go one step at a time, deep and shallow. Each footprint has its own legend. The key is to explore and pursue the journey of life grow.
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