When after washing face

July 23 [Tue], 2013, 17:41
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Such a torment. When after washing face. Sakai Gao times feel more Wohuo! Nine hundred and eighteen years from the northeast. Kwantung Army invincible. Almost never encountered opponents. In addition to being twenty-nine had in the military setback xifengkou the next dash away. Leaving almost no misfortune!

But this came Pingjin. Sakai Gao times again and again suffered defeat! First Changping county. Ground troops is a group for a long time lag. Shahe Town, followed by twenty-nine army blocked in the side of the river! Now more outrageous. Actually made by people with their own country to end his own ground lair mortar.

Just think of the situation, he waves of scared, secretly glad that mortar shells just a little biased if the re-fried, his little life will also confessed!

However, Sakai Gao minor is ティファニーアウトレット not know While mortar shells came against him, but he was ティファニー 指輪 hurt by the words, do not know how depressing it!

There is not enough water, there is no chance to close, so many Japanese watched materials supply warehouse fire burned more prosperous, less and less!

Fire continued until dawn, and other days color big bright after! Stay in Sakai Gao times and a brigade commander in front of the congregation, and is a lot of black ashes, still braved the curl of smoke.

Watching it can only be used as fertilizer ashes, Sakai Gao inferior person's face than the bottom of the pot bottom darker gray much!

After a busy one black
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