By the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant is on top of juggling think

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 16:50
Yao said that once joked: NBA is a big circus, our players just monkeys. Yao also opened a few jokes about circus circus he seemed quite interested. Of course, do not go here Anjiu textual authenticity of the joke, the joke just want to say something through the eyes of Yao Ming, the relationship between players and teams as well as a player Yao Ming, expressed a sense of helplessness. Of course, with monkeys than the players or too little, I think with a small daughter and her in-laws in relation to compare the relationship between players and teams be more appropriate. When the team in the draft the same time like a bride marrying Chuichuidada of the players, the players have to do household chores, to do farm work, to obey laws, to harmony wives. Well done, of course, family harmony, if there is not very good, then inevitably it will come this summer sudden contradiction, Bryant sudden transfer rumors again. It began because of the team's poor record Bryant and depressed proposed requirements to strengthen the team's requirements. However, the Lakers and Kobe Bryant is clearly different views while completely ignoring the views of Kobe. So resentful Bryant issued a trade me, the voice, and even released a want my shirts, buy a bull bar, Lakers owner Jerry Buss is a fool type of break words. Of course, this is not the first time the NBA last year, Iverson went downtown Denver move eventually do so, but this summer the same way Garnett came to the Celtics. So, when people are worried about the Lakers that they either lose one of the league's best scorer, or have to honestly fulfill Bryant strengthen the team's requirements. However, the Lakers did not do anything, just an understatement owner Jerry Buss made an open letter, which, after some naughty Bryant had to concede and admit, and as he attacked Lakers general manager public apology. Why Allen Iverson and Kevin Garnett trouble team eventually move to threaten that happened? Kobe is not as good as they do, this idea is obviously absurd. The real reason is the Lakers at Timberwolves 76 compared to people who are fundamentally different, one is super wealthy, the other two are normal people, then their daughter's status and to enjoy the natural level of attention and 76 different people in the NBA Timberwolves can only be regarded as normal or even slightly worse team, they want to get the star players is not easy. Like normal people, marry a wife is not easy, even marry a good wife is not easy. Although Kevin Garnett and Allen Iverson had a falling out with her in-laws, but such a good wife once ran away from home and want to marry a not so easy, everyone can see that, as a rookie for the Bucks Yi Jianlian dare pick three pick four. So, in desperation, they only have a certain degree of compromise choice, leave on away Iverson and Kevin Garnett also received a certain return the Los Angeles Lakers is a what kind of place? America's second largest new balance 595 australia city, entertainment center, NBA Basketball Holy One of the two, NBA's 30 teams has the longest tradition and the most brilliant record and noblest qualities of the team, but also the NBA have the best economic interests and most financially strong teams. It is the reality of the super-wealthy billionaire general. The so-called The Emperor's daughter mentality, Lakers such giants also never have to worry about not marry a good wife. Once married into wealthy as long as it means Delicacies sheltered luxury cars. More is a wide variety of stunning beauty sharpened want to marry into it. History Chamberlain Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal is still the NBA, where the dazzling brilliance of the Giants are all of this masterpiece was impressed by the allure of giants rather than thousands of miles to marry the Lakers. So, even if Kobe Bryant to go, it will not scare the Lakers to its appeal, as long as there is enough cap space, that is, the eyes of all the NBA free agent paradise, it can always repeat the story of the old-style O'Neill . Wealthy is wealthy, he will not be too concerned about any one wife, and then you can not hesitate to send O'Neal to go into exile for a future of falling out when it would never mean to give Bryant a piece of paper off the book as Bryant, Maybe he hated even hate the Lakers irritability, but he was determined to break away from difficult relationship with the Lakers. Left the Lakers. Where can he be? Teams will not have enough wages to sign him, but the team has new balance 620 australia cap space almost impossible to see on Kobe? Do you want 31-year-old has a middle-aged man to a weak team, Bryant went to re-start? As a wife married in years, Bryant has been used Delicacies sheltered luxury cars, he can able to leave all this it? (This is the sad reality of many women) so even if Bryant thought the other for doors, you can choose to do is very small. Even if multiple, semi-seeking Lakers had to go back and put forward a sign to find it, then the Lakers have nothing to worry about it?

Taoism pay attention to Fu Xi disaster by by, Misfortune blessing volts, anything can be divided into both positive and negative aspects, its weeds. In our eyes fame NBA players have also had to accept them in the eyes of the boss of a small daughter status, in general the team: do are the heavy work (lineup Poor little helper), eat well wear well (economic less interest), but to a certain extent to obtain a certain amount of attention and the relative sense of freedom. While those in the Yankees, the so-called one into the wealthy as deep as the sea, although a comfortable life (good economic strength team), but the boss was enjoying a certain degree of contempt and relatively more processing within the limits Bryant special story will still continue to be staged, the game will always be this is the NBA.
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