Air Jordan 3 the station smiles at the flower

June 04 [Mon], 2012, 12:42
, Flick Zhang to fend off two elder brothers' raging flames Zhangs, small arm elbow the son is empty busy matchless at the half, still is thousand hands thousand feet view sound Air Jordan 6 sort ground at half empty exhibition Xuan connect roll 18 turns of, the foot Air Jordan 6, lotus just falls in the ground up, at the same time again the continuous Zhang space kick out 44 to recruit a method.

Long Jia Sa's brothers three sides round to capture to still Air Jordan 3, Air Air Jordan 4, Jordan 5 let the kid sister fall in the ground, the eye inside all flows out to smile an idea now, old two 18 roadses' arresting a hand is fended off and fall to the ground of start to turn over a double Zhang to Air Jordan 5, greatly drink:"The good flies Yan 18 turn over, seeing coming to this thief person isn't only easily like kid sister, even the recruits type are all like, eldest brother, three younger brothers, everyone doesn't show leniency, had better shoot〜dead on the spot!"

"Two elder brothers ……"

"The thief person is subjected to dead."

The dragon is matchless to haven't drunk a words, the Hai sees eldest brother, two elder brothers, three elder brothers use to extremely recruit, small face Mao Air Jordan, greatly change, 1 she beats however, where ability a dozen of Sa?The Zhan rises lotus foot 3:00 ground, do Air Jordan 4 in a row three after Zong, three elder brothers cooperate, the grandpas all not necessarily beat lead, beat with them is an Air Jordan idiot.One soars to the skies Zong to jump and trample the blossom that hangs in the Mao top flower nursery, small double, of arms open, such as the small bird fly a sort, front shadow depend on at, be just positive lord the son wink disappearance.

"Ha ha ha ……" Dragon gate three brotherses see the kid sister Air Jordan 3 escape so quickly, but don't chase as well, the station smiles at the flower nursery ex- open Che.

The eldest brother smiled very for a while and filled thick doter inside the eye, happy way:"Two younger brothers, three younger brothers, kid sister although fighting skill not kind, can the foot soar ripples of water to tread good enough to protect her safe and sound."

"Is me, fear can not make track for either ten inside."Is old two nod to say, inside the eye is also fill painful spoil, turn round a way:"Like, the Niang shows us kid sister, if everyone didn't take heart, perhaps let the kid sister slip away to go out to carry on misdeed again