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June 11 [Tue], 2013, 17:09
> Tzu said today the federal undoubtedly the most famous seven young hero Yao! The most Yeming Xuan speak their own two. Two per capita is childhood fame, and youth are among seven renowned among a contemporary benevolent god of war, in the name of Nie Qingyun master's apprentice, a veritable is federal and extremely mysterious King Chu Wu Xun family home less Lord. They can be described in a set of ten million glory, the federal youth within almost no people do not know the names of these two individuals. However, the strength of the two but it is very few people know, because they are among the seven youth Yao, and two in the glory of Britain checkpoints to get seven video MERIDIAN name has also been widely circulated. However, since then, they seem to never undergone before the public, and now it has spread Yeming Xuan Chu fly to conduct a contest, which had exciting, had exciting. For ordinary people, this may be an absolutely nice drama, after all, whether it is flying or Yeming Xuan Chu has always been the most extraordinary represent federal youth Junjie, however, for some people, this is definitely more than just a good show, because they clearly know that the glory of the summit will officially become the guardian of order, which means that in addition to nine days within the Federal Court, as well as outside the church there will be a third order guardian. Once the glory of the summit to become guardian of order. Ten clubs federal status can be imagined, that time is not only a status symbol, but it is more a symbol of power, it is known within the federal. King of Clubs base straight stands on top of the glory, and the ambitions of the club king, caring person can guess is almost always want to occupy the federal King Club Ten Club, nowadays, there are seven top ten clubs which tend king club , except the King of Chu home Club Etoile is still clinging on. Battle King King Club Yeming Xuan Chu Chu house fly, which means Nie Qingyun finally Club Etoile hands on it? That may be, which in the end what is hidden Confidential, but it is very few people know. Wirral within the federal city definitely considered a legendary city, because the federal thousand years of history there have a Niubi Donghonghong VIP is emperor in this city, for up to a hundred years old, he is the federal thousand years of history,oakley sunglasses cheap, the only one emperor, Wirral Great. This city is also because of him life Mingwei Luo City. Wirral Great reign Union Gang period, here regarded the federal government centers, although with the demise of the Great Wirral, this city have also decline. However. Through this city many majestic buildings can still see the former glory. Wirral Great's reign, making federal Ten Wu Xun family, when almost all of the top ten Wu Xun family lived in this city Wirral, but so many years past, almost all of these Wu Xun family relocated to other places, only the King of Chu family still keep his old one. It is no exaggeration to say that the King of Chu family is definitely true in today's Federal Wu Xun family, Wirral Great perish after the family of Wu Xun privileges have been almost nine days weaken the Court for various reasons, only about King Chu family's privilege still preserved, and no one knows why, even more puzzled yes. Xiang Yu Chu home for so many years no one person or government official to enter the military, but operates stars club, but also very low-key, never appeared in public. Speaking of the King of Chu family, people will think of the first Asian countries sinking famous Xinghai Overlord trees. It is said that ten years Fengyun Overlord tree blossom, ten results. Bear a magical fruit, also Overlord fruit, fruit rumors about the King also has very many, and some people say that eating fruit Overlord is a fool can become a genius, some say, old man eating fruit can change Overlord into a handsome young man. Some people say that eating fruit Overlord can not only strengthen the blood, they can even purify the body. To achieve a priori, what have said, and now it has become almost fairy fruit fruit Overlord synonymous. King of Chu family, an ancient shrine in. Chu Jiazu first two are all spiritual worship in the high table. High-standing in front of a young, youth dressed in a very ordinary white leisure suit, Jian Mei Star eyes, skin white Zhe, handsome face on the show. Coupled with chic and elegant temperament can be described as rare earth handsome. This person is Chu Fei. He slightly closed eyes, his hands clasped together in front of chest they seem to worship. Long time, he opened his eyes, slowly exhaled breath. Stared looking high platform above the souls, so looking, silent. Seem to feel anything, he turned, looked slightly puzzled standing in front of a shrine, girl, "Meng Yao? Would not tell you I'm very busy these days do? How you go again?" Meng Yao grumbles, staring at him and ask. "Chu brother, why do you promise Yeming Xuan's contest? You know them uneasy intentions, how could you Chu flew past, leave the shrine, looking up at the sky in the sun, then turned around and looked at Meng Yao.," You think I beat Ye Mingxuan it? "" No! "Meng Yao shook his head fiercely. Chu Fei laughed," it is not on the line slightly. There is nothing to worry about. "" But, "Meng Yao would like to say what he was Chu Fei interrupted," No, but. "Paused, his voice slowed down, then said," And I am looking forward to a war with Yeming Xuan, ten years ago, I Yeming Xuan no winner, years later, I do not want to regret it, even if this is not Yeming Xuan challenge, I will challenge him, some things must be time to resolve. "Meng Yao Chu Fei looked and said," Chu brother. I know some things you telling me is good for me. But I really want for you to share. "" Meng Yao, what I did not deceive you. You should be aware that federal and most are the top ten club king club control, except we did not club the stars, so Nie Qingyun wanted to annex our stars, Ye Mingxuan challenge to me is just an introduction only. "Chu Fei faint said, they seem to describe the one he has nothing to do with the same. Meng Yao shook his head, shaking head, and look for a moment, and looked down, Pieliaopiezui, this said," Chu brother You do not fool me. Club Etoile throne ring lost in thirty years ago, and I know for sure in Nie Qingyun hands. So, he did not care Club Etoile control over, and his trip, "he this" to deal with the fact that he clearly is your home. Right? "Ah? Chu Fei pick pick brow, and some looked puzzled Meng Yao, immediately faint smile," You put your grandfather really spoiled,Outlet Oakley Polarized, not even tell you all these things. "" I was anxious to put his trouble, he said, I know you certainly among the Chu family and Nie Qingyun what grudges, and thirty years ago,Oakley Sunglasses Jupiter Squared, Chu Shushu is not disappearing thing about? Grandpa said nothing to tell me, Chu brother, you tell me good. "Chu fly just shook his head in silence." Little money "do not know when Chu Fei appears next to an old man, old man looks informality made laugh." Blessing grandfather well. "Meng Yao know him. Was to fly single-handedly brought the Chu Fu." Things have completed the What? "Chu Fei asked. Fu nodded, handed the hands of a list of the past," This is the list of invited Master to see what people still missing. "<
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