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June 06 [Thu], 2013, 15:59
> The first chapter 19o artillery! Sean Aslan, 43, male, Welsh, after he moved to Liverpool, is now the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Consul General in San Francisco, before this, he has repeatedly served as a diplomat, traveling throughout Europe and America, rich experience, for many events can easily be accommodated. Www, QUAnben, CoM However, at this moment, sitting sawmill Hou passenger interior, Sean. Aslan but how could not calm down, he felt these days is like dreaming. Chinese people, actually laid the San Francisco. In the beginning, he thought it was a joke, some guy bad taste joke with everyone. But it soon became evident that this joke is not a bit funny ...... Chinese people came, but also so fierce. And because it was the consulate staff showed inappropriate hostile tendencies ...... in fact, is an individual guy at the consulate in the yard holding Qiangmiao to those Chinese people, the results cited each other's hostility, if not those on horseback Chinese people arrived in time to his consulate would most likely will be the other broken. Yes, there are some armed consulate personnel protection, the door was enough to have several thousand armed men, alone in that thirty-two consular attache, once the war, suddenly it will be crushed jifen. Of course, he believed that the Chinese people will not be easy, the impact consulate, which was in violation of the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, this world does not have any one country or forces in violation of the sovereignty of the British Empire after the Carefree still living on this planet, because they are the most powerful. Can having said that, even if the future Chinese people were packed up, the British government for their revenge, and they are not already burned out? Fortunately, the two sides played against before someone finally to stop all this. And he is also fast to weigh the current situation, the understanding of that called the Gold Medal. Guo guy. Indeed, if put in the past, he told those Chinese people do not have any words for. After all, he is a diplomat of the British Empire, and the Chinese do? Poverty,Air Jordan After Game UK, backwardness, the government also a sign of weakness. That year, the British Empire is only just sent a small fleet to break the block in front of the fog European countries, debunked claims that once the true face of the East's most powerful country. Of course, if it is nothing, China is also possible to draw the lessons of this defeat and a fast reforms, and thus become stronger, and that they later scored any connection with the French troops are in China, but also almost captured them Emperor ...... all in all, only shows that the so-called ancient civilizations of cowardice and incompetence. That being the case, he was the world's first power diplomats, why give the incompetent empire nationals speak? They are eligible to do? But reality is always different with the picture, he did not want to talk to those Chinese people say something, do not think there is something to say, but when the Chinese people with a pile of bills came to his consulate, he knew , he did not qualify in front of each other and pretend modesty it. ...... "Hello, Aslan consul" Sean. Aslan himself with being recalled that a limited number of Guo Zhang met the waiting room door suddenly opened, and then he saw Guo Zhang with a cane children a little old man came. "Hello, Mr. Guo." Sean Aslan stood up and shook hands with Zhang Guo, followed by that step a little old man stretched out his arm, allowing his surprise, that the old man with a cane child has reason did not care for him, went to find a seat and sit down. "This is ......" "This is one of our red Corps collar, large collar ......" Guo Zhang slightly embarrassed, "World de money my boss," "your boss?" Sean. Aslan surprised to look at the past one, despite the recent San Francisco is fighting is a curfew, but he still knows some things, and the occupation of San Francisco called the supreme leader of the Chinese red army is Guo Zhang does not do? When again a SUMEEKO. Money? "Well, we will not speak of these, Mr. Consul," Guo Zhang smiled and shifted over the topic, "We still talk about the transaction between us now." "Of course." Aslan is a gentleman smiled, and then sit back to his seat, "I do not know the last time you said the price we have any idea?" "too expensive." Guo Zhang replied very simply. "...... Guo, you know, you are now the situation is very bad. These weapons with the United States could be your key to victory ** between the teams." Sean Aslan road. "I do not think we can have these weapons much help, the reason why you are asked to purchase, but because some of us who are always a little insecure ...... In fact, I do not think we have to follow the American irreconcilable contradiction between the will - after all, we also have a wealth of chips, do not you? "Guo Zhang laughed. "Oh," Aslan smiled and shook his head, "Mr. Guo, I can only say, you did not seem to understand the rules of the international community." "Oh?" "According to international practice, and you can not get in war time Those civilians as a bargaining chip, and that makes all the world's civilized nations have joined the condemnation of you being. "Aslan road. "Including the United Kingdom?" Guo Zhang asked. "Of course." Aslan nodded. "Oh, Mr. Consul would say you're a joke." Guo Zhang chuckle shook his head, "If the UK can be considered a civilized country, then I am afraid that even cannibals in Papua New Guinea also may attend the civilized world." "Guo ......" no thought Guo Zhang would say, looking at once Aslan is a change. "Do not worry, Mr. Consul." Guo Zhang smiled and waved, motioning British Consul Do not worry, "I have never heard of what does not hurt each other civilians in international practice, as far as I know, just from your country, in respect of once colonies of you more than once raised his knife civilians, as well as Spain, the Netherlands, and of course, the Americans have done more thoroughly, in their own territory on behalf of the government, the direct use of decrees, buy Indians bonnet skin, including infants ...... This is your civilized world? "" ...... We just repressive violence *. "Aslan argued. "Colonial violence *?" "Of course." "Na Ying and French troops invaded China, ye also in the repression of violence in Beijing *? Those civilians to provoke unto you?" Guo Zhang and asked. "Those who attack civilians to move us ......" "You first invasion of their homeland." "That is because you are rude emperor seized our diplomats, a full 39 diplomats, this is your first damage rules. "" Oh? "Guo Zhang startled a little, he really does not know the Second Opium War because the Qing government seized foreign diplomats causes, but think about it, Aslan really is not necessary in this piece things like lying to myself, but to the extent of imperial arrogance that stupid to make such a seizure envoys behavior is also not in the least surprising. "At that time our delegation had with you on the emperor's envoy treaty reached an agreement, however, you may nevertheless emperor envoy delegation members asked us to meet with you at the time of the emperor, according to what China's ritual carried on your emperor worship, or do not ratify the Treaty ...... "" This I believe, that the government is indeed very brain damage, "" brain-dead? "Aslan apparently did not expect it so Guo Zhang evaluation of their own governments, anger I endure live Yizheng. "Yes ah, the Government of brain damage, brain damage of the emperor, there was a group of brain damage minister ......" Guo Zhang sigh again. "Your little evaluation are not wrong." Guo Zhang did not think so actually have no opinion on the Qing court, Aslan's anger a bit smaller, but still looking very poor: "You that brain ...... ah, brain damage emperor, clearly has agreed to all of our requirements, but our representatives have to bow down on him, or not ratified the treaty, we would certainly not agree that the decision to leave, however, that your brain remnants of the emperor yet All delegations in custody and taken to Beijing to do a hostage, after which, in order to rescue these representatives, our British and French allied fast march under the gates of Beijing, your emperor and his concubines,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, as well as ministers fled in panic, leaving only a prince, Prince who returned to the coalition members of the delegation, however, had a total of 39 people had paid back only 18 people, the rest are all returned corpses, of which Thailand Wang Shi reported Reporter's bodies were cut into seventy-eight ...... "" I do not want to say anything, but I would like to correct one, that idiot is not 'we' of the emperor, you listen to understand you, Mr. Consul? "Guo Zhang said solemnly . "You did not emperor? You are not Chinese people do?" "Who says Chinese people have to recognize that shit emperor? Say, you really are going to save it? British and French troops is no reason why you catch up to, first, want to snatch the Beijing Palace, Yuanmingyuan especially large number of treasures, in addition, I am afraid that just want to keep that guy is useless for the future continue to bully, right? unfortunately was not me, otherwise I will be the first time organized a supporting the rebel army, put that shit emperor sent to the gallows addition, you recover back to you in Beijing snatched those treasures ...... those things are clear Ting Kangxi years, that is, the late seventeenth and eighteenth century began, Until the fifties and sixties of this century by you burned, a full one and a half centuries to accumulate, a full value of hundreds of billions of taels of silver ah "" What -? "money SUMEEKO almost instantaneously from one side of the chair and jumped up, high-pitched voice almost knocked the roof directly, "hundreds of billions of taels of silver? thousands absolutely?" "Something like that," Guo Zhang nodded. "Nonsense," Aslan also jumped up almost the same time, "one hundred billion taels of silver? Your garden is that you do with gold?" "Of course not made of gold, but its historical and artistic value, as well as several non- do treasure, a blessing of gold can be compared? only the interests of your group eyes only 'civilized' kind of thing will go with a gold metaphor it, "Guo Zhang Leng Heng said. "You ......" Aslan angry, they used gold metaphor? Who said that just the value of hundreds of billions of taels of silver in the garden of the? "As far as I know, such a great French writer Victor Hugo once wrote: 'One day, two robbers entered the Summer Palace, a grab something, one put out the fire, as if victory in the war had robbed ...... they can engage in history in front of the two robbers, one called France, called the English ', Mr. Consul, do you also want to deny that? "Guo Zhang and asked. "Lose money -" money SUMEEKO more direct. "Unreasonable, you listen to reason," Aslan feet beating, he a diplomat, which have seen this scenario? "Now I finally understand why Parkes encountered in China as a barbaric treatment of you Chinese people is simply ridiculous," "you can Englishman everywhere alien to the robbery and murder? Qing government seized your messenger, kill out of which 21 people, very cruel means, then they kill you in Beijing many people? those people are not more innocent? have a skill, why do you put that shit does not directly kill the emperor? he is the culprit , do not you? "Guo Zhang asked. "...... Kill your Emperor?" Aslan also seems to be choking a bit, just this Chinese people say that they should kill the emperor of China? This is with the British people to kill the French king of England What is the difference? "Yes ah, you do not want to punish the murderer? Can last you just looted a lot, have killed more innocent people get away after, the culprit is still at large, this is your 'civilization', you is such as your fellow citizens who died revenge? "Guo Zhang and asked. "This ......" Aslan opened his mouth, he wanted to Guo Zhang explained, would like to say that although the Chinese emperor brain damage done a very outrageous things, and some things may not be so simple to understand, but, at the front This guy looks like angry askew, can explain through it? And this stuff inside and very complex, and most importantly, there are indeed many of which also does not meet the social and moral, that is not what gave this guy offers something for combat yet? So, for a moment, he reluctantly from his mouth chipping out a: "This relates to the diplomacy, not so easy to say Qing." "Diplomacy? Diplomacy can disregard human life? Whether it is someone else's, or your own?" Guo Zhang still ton of bricks. "Repay" money SUMEEKO suddenly get into the top step toward Aslan out his hand. "Also any money? I did not owe you anything." Aslan big angry, the brain also suddenly sober him: "We say these do? We are not speaking of this, we are speaking of our transactions, Guo Sir, do you still wish to deal with us? "" ah? ah, trading, trading ...... what we traded for? "Guo Zhang also seems to suddenly wake up, like," Oh, think of it, you have a number of weapons, Mr. Consul , as well as two guns to sell me ...... "" Yes, artillery. "Aslan secretly slow breath child, but still slightly tempted some asthma ...... Well, he just felt very ashamed. Diplomat, he is a diplomat, ah, just surprised to be in his early mixed Guo Zhang did this just two days of the Chinese people to attracted almost lost ground, living in what the knotty problem of Yuanmingyuan ...... necessary? This is America, not just this Chinese man is but a civilian, maybe two days even when civilians are not directly Yankees child was sent to see Satan, and his struggle with his what? Furthermore, the Chinese people, what a weak word? But his consul general of the British Empire, why ask him to explain what? Even the British and French troops to rob the Yuanmingyuan so what? Burned, then what? Their emperor can only swallow that bitter cup dry, have poured pay 16oo million taels of silver, a small civilian qualifications to manage what is this thing? Actually have their own interpretation of his life ...... This is simply the biggest ever defeat "According to our information, the Americans clearly do not intend to let you. They are collecting as many troops ...... such large-scale operations, and certainly will Peiyoutailiang artillery, and even that is an artillery battalion may direct. although the number of people involved and you is not small, but whether from any other point of view, you are not dominant, therefore, artillery, is very important to you because this two cannons at least allows you have a certain ability to resist. "Aslan reluctantly pressed his chest kind of sub depressed, efforts which rightly quite the chest. "But as far as I know, your batch of weapons shipped to Canada may be more than two guns." Guo Zhang dry blanket up her lips, "two thousand rifles you just give me seven hundred, ten guns you are only going to come up with more five ...... these, do you think it's worth three hundred thousand U.S. dollars do? "" cannon can be more than this value, especially at this time. "Aslan smiled, looked very assured. "Mere five guns, simply not good enough and I want to All" Guo Zhang Tao. "It is not possible, the arms also shipped to Canada over there people still waiting to do." Aslan road. "Three hundred thousand dollars All" Guo Zhang Tao. "Guo, this is not possible." "Forget it" "......" is like clients and ji female, two are mutually **, ji woman could not coy, is unwilling to allow their clients to use, as is earn two money, clients may be molested in her big move was lust, only strong self patience, just be patient for a while that you can immediately achieve their goals when clients are not interested ...... suddenly said Aslan is currently That "ji woman", Guo Zhang a fifty percent up on the increase, let him full of joy, can not wait to cheer him up,Coach Online Outlet, but suddenly Guo Zhang said, "Forget it," Suddenly, Mr. Consul like being " lust "flashed back the ji female, stunned, but difficult to understand:" Well? "" Yes, well anyway, you simply did and no cargo destined for Canada, as far as I know, that the goods actually shipped to the Pacific across the Qing Dynasty, but, there are not only ten ordinary six-pounders, there are three 2o-pound Armstrong field guns, Gee, that's 95 mm caliber cannon, power is not small ah ...... Unfortunately, you did not intend to deal properly with us, in that case, why do we have so much money it inappropriate? That was several hundred thousand dollars it, do not take it? "" ...... you, how do you know? "leaked the . Guo Zhang outburst, Aslan, was aware of this serious problem. "People can not you, Mr. Consul such a big appetite, three hundred thousand? Hey, thirty dollars, enough to reveal all your sailors the contents." Guo Zhang laugh mimi's, "not to mention, who seems to be the captain, Mr. San Francisco is very interested to complete the transaction, he may want to vain across the Pacific, and then they only get the money ...... so little. " . 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