but Homer sometimes nods

May 30 [Thu], 2013, 17:20
> In fact, these people are from the just began to wait, and that to the breeze blowing WeiYan they also cited their highly mobile air movements out. WwW, QunabEN, coM but one to four Sichuan will never thought would someone after them since the secret entrance. Two to his side will have a stealth guy, they will not say how his assassination techniques, this skill alone will make them produce a trace of fear from the heart, and therefore they had a fixed view of thinking, when the wind blows that wire came after the first reaction is bronze skull and skeleton bronze move when talking, they went off guard, did not think of any other aspects. This is such a great opportunity to assassinate their four years of immersion assassination of the road guy, how to let go, and how incensed over? That killer exclusive keenest sense of smell, so they are very easy to judge, and now the Sichuan will be wary of is the lowest, as long as a good grasp of it can definitely kill him. Such a rare opportunity to create, once missed, I'm afraid there is no longer. All four decisive shot, full shot, shot without reservation. Even when the sword in their hand, and even the location of the opponent dodge angle have done some thinking. Four killers was very confident. Flash in the pan so the silver sword, the absolute pinnacle of their sword in this life the most. The sword represents the pinnacle of them, they will compose this sword is not the world of legend. Kill the sword, sword lore. Afar side of bronze skull clearly see this brilliant sword, the sword is clear that the timing of the master sublimity, not worse, so that he can not help to produce a sense of worship, even a humbled subtle feeling! each other's strength is not very strong, only bronze intermediate, somewhat more fragile than their own, but he asked himself, if for himself, and certainly can not do that degree of perfection! WeiYan four at the moment has not yet recovered until they came Nabing silver sword at the neck, four people feel the touch of subtle murderous. "Flash," four hearts Shu will also raise such a thought, Mi Zhu Yi Deng legs, the body fast running, immediately putting the energy body bronze, yellow robe immediately muster, unto the assassination of the human eye obscure, want To cover his eyes so that they escape this lore of a blow. Meng Huo, seeing that silver sword in sight, but do not hide do not flash, eyes Yi Deng, mouth one: "Lion Gong," "roar," sound indistinguishable from the forest overlord Lion's roar, that the power of sound waves Xun Looking to own the mass killer. Meng Huo want to see this posture is to kill the assassin against. Another person, people have never seen, according to Ye Yuxuan guess, it was the only one not the generals who should be worn as a healthy rose to Bronze level centurions. And that man is altogether incomparable,Nike Air Jordan, extra action a no, stature flash like lightning ran to Wei will be there, but the mouth shouted: "Ladies and gentlemen generals, at the moment we are all one line, help us And react WeiYan also silent, signs Skills: avatar Now displaying. "whoosh," it can be said on the difference between .1 seconds, Wei Yan had been killed, but it is those moments of time difference, so WeiYan first cloned success, leaving only the spare place immediately cut neck, death, dissipated watch their original place that kicking dissipated blur, Wei Yan hearts surprised, covered with cold sweat, but also secretly glad, but fortunately his have this avatar skill, but also thanks to their fast response, as long as the difference between the two one, and now he has become a pool of bloody corpses, permanent fell, while the other three Sichuan WeiYan there will be no strength and luck. Mi Zhu opinionated The prop robe, that can slightly blocking the opponent and let their safe escape, who did not know each other's assassination rely on the eyes, but the mind, on the whole head is built black man, Mi Zhu triumphant moments. sharp The silver sword without hesitation pierced his neck, his eyes until death is a big wide open, can be described as a double death, how could this be why I obviously covered his eyes,Coach Bags Store, but the pace has been moved, he why can so accurately focus their Similarly there are so Meng Huo, the barbarian king, saw a strength weaker than themselves guys who want to kill yourself. extremely angry mind, of course, in the southern forests, with the strength of the strong, who heard, but at the moment the front of this guy strength significantly weaker than himself, then kill themselves still today do not give these guys a lesson Nanxiao my king's anger, so do not hide do not hang out with the Lion directly Society Roar power, want to give the guy a little color to see. need to know the degree of sound propagation, etc. It is very fast, even if his side silver sword fast, too fast, but the sound, then by the time: Is my lion Roar power shock to the guy, not a little preparedness estimated immortality is seriously injured. name of wishful thinking of Meng Huo, I kept thinking face a hint of a smile. smile that wire may float in his face when it was stiff smile , yes that is stiff, so stay on your face forever Then touch the sky red Sabian, Meng Huo extremely strong body is so straight back down, even to death because he did not know he was What to death, I'm fine Roar power obviously have hit each other but useless. Shujun centurions, this guy is still a little wisdom to see out, especially intrigue is good until the above should after all be in that Yin Jian, close to the neck that moment, my mind also able to reflect such troubles Dongyin counsel, do not say that is not a talent, but Homer sometimes nods, his intention is very good, with the other side of the six Wei will block the blow for themselves, and then allow them to both sides of the fight dogfight, and so they ended up, in their own bargain. everything plan envisaged are extremely beautiful. Shujun centurions relied on their own without the slightest unnecessary movement, and that flexible identity, full blast of energy, literally stabbed in the Silver Sword killer moment, body sway more than a bullet. then bolted to the Wei, I believe they will certainly rushed to save themselves, and as soon as they move, then himself cited the success of the East troubles, and then wait inside the General Zhao, Pang military advisor, General Ma all out and annihilate each other at that time is the best time I kept thinking, mouth revealing a hint of a slight smile. especially look Wei will be out to one of them, who Shujun centurions smile is more brilliant it. military advisor Zhuge feel like at the moment in general, Liaoshirushen can be the next moment, his smile has disappeared, and instantly turned into pale, surprised,Coach Store, puzzled. lips parted as if I want to say something, but ultimately did not say it directly fell down, but looking at his lips, was forbidden to say that he already knew the. 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