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August 20 [Tue], 2013, 12:44
(I would)! Hot water! Na Jia soil corpse exclaimed, did not think of that monster women Ni water is hot water. .., asshole, drop dead! The shadow monster women claws to Najia soil body neck ferociously grabbed. Plurk! Shadow monster women claws penetrated Najia soil cadaveric shoulder, the black se tombstones suddenly Najia soil body sends out a black se energy. A powerful rebound force will be the shadow monster women paws off, take advantage of this opportunity, Na Jia soil corpse hand split null swoon bayonet out. Plurk! The shadow monster women a bayonet in the stomach, the gun pointed out behind him, the shadow monster women with a scream. Then, a soil a fling, that woman is thrown out of the window. The fan Fu flying she monster Women's North Face Hoodie Sale female sword companions were hurt, she opened her mouth to the fan, spray she fly out of thorns, she immediately toward the window to escape. Jiang Fan with a sneer, duck Flying Spur, blocking the monster girl. The monster women's legs bleeding, she suddenly anxious, his hands grasp the big steamed buns, to Jiang Fan. Jiang Fan suddenly paused, uh, what are you doing? Health care co ah? Jiang Fan exclaimed. His voice just fell, I saw the monster women put a squeeze, puff! With eyes in jet she white se liquid to the fan of the past. Jiang Fan had to move the white se liquid, because he just heard North Face Gore Sale Najia soil corpse is hot water, which if sprayed in the face, can not stand. Fan out of the way, the monster women are like a loach from fan side, jumped out of the window. Jiang Fan and Najia soil body immediately after go out, I saw the monster north face sale women spread wings, fly to the sky, the book instantly disappear, leaving only the bloodstains on the ground. Oh, master, they fly away! Na Jia soil body shook his head, looked at the sky. Jiang Fan also looked at the sky, I rely on, the two Wonder Woman exactly is what person? Why to kill us? Jiang Fan exclaimed. A little thinking, Jiang Fan immediately understood what it was, certainly if big little sent to killer. In Chenzhou City simply what not to offend people, want to offend people only if large and small, mom, if a little big, how dare you send someone to kill me, I burn your home! Jiang Fan said. Master, we going to burn Gou big little dog house! Na Jia Tao corpse black soil. Jiang Fan also Wo a stomach fire, two monster women kill, get no sleep, now late into the night, okay, we'll go to the burning Gou big little dog house! Jiang Fan nodded and smiled. Jiang Fan and Najia soil body uncovered frighten hide under the table store man, brother, you know if the banks Gou Fu in what place? Fan smiles. The shop assistant hurriedly nod a way: I know, you go straight along this street, then turn east across the intersection, and then go north, there is a splendid palace, in front of two character lion stone, it is Gou fu! The night of the Chenzhou City quiet streets, fan and Najia soil body according to the store man's guidance, they soon found Gou big little mansion. If the government really is very luxurious, Zhu Hong se of the Great Wall, the door is two meters high with the lion. Door hanging in front of two red lanterns in front of Se, standing four servants, squatting by the doze off at the door. The ground is covered with symbols of bluestone, above is also engraved with.
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