My 17th birthday 

January 04 [Fri], 2008, 23:23
Today is my 17th birthday. Many friends greeted me 'Happy Birthday'. However, I was still sad as I have no chance to meet you now. You are far away from where I stay .. Maybe several years later I will not think about you any more. But for today, I still miss you and love you with my seriously hurt heart ..

I had the reading presentation during the 2 Chinese lessons. Mscheng's anger had been reduced so 比利 and I could have the presentation done this morning.

The double Chinese History lessons were quite excited as I revised my history textbook as well as history notes inside my drawer I thought that Mslin realised my stupid actions already but she was sooooo kind that she said nting against me .. I was ashamed to do so .. >"<

Met Mrfong in the recess but he seemed to be unwilling to see me .. Maybe it was just because he was busy ? I dont know ..

QUIZ in the 2 history lessons and the quiz had been over-run .. The quiz was not very difficult but I was quite challenged since I did only a little revision .. It was my fault so I can blame nobody =(

Had lunch in 鹿兒島 with 燕兒, 豬ben, rita, mrfong, 陳昊煬 and 龍婉枝 .. The atmosphere was a little bit strange as it seemed that mrfong was always trying to ignore me .. I really wanted to know what had happened but I was not brave enough to ask myself .. Both 燕兒 and 豬ben told me not to be too anxious about that, they said that it didn't matter at all. So .. was I too sentimental?

Very sleepy in the 2 history lessons in the afternoon..

Went to Tuen Mun Plaza and tried to do some shopping .. But I bought nothing as I couldn't make any decision towards those goods ..

Arrived home at 5:00 and went to the public library to borrow some books about jazz and travel.

Online in the evening, received a lot of greetings hehe

Talked on the phone with nicole for about half an hour .. Funny conversation We decided to wear 情侶裝 tomorrow .. heehe -v-


Sic sic sick 

January 03 [Thu], 2008, 19:28
again sick sick sick ..

went to see the doctor and got a wide variety of colourful pills

later in the afternoon rita told me online that mscheng was extremely angry this morning, condemning me for my absence of the examination .. omg however i can do nothing ..

tomorrow i am becoming 17 years old .. but all i want is only you .. do you know?


The first school day of 2008 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 23:09
Today I was nearly late for school... Got on time by taxi.

I did the group discussion exam during Chinese lesson. Group members are 鄒慧敏, Pokei, 蕭蕭, 王得天 and me. The discussion was mainly dominated by 鄒慧敏, Pokei and me, also 王得天. Siu spoke quite a little.. I was sorry to her as it seemed like that I always robbed her chance .

The last Chinese Literature quiz was back, I got 23/28, above 80% extremly delighted about that. Brillant I was too happy.. haha~

During the 2 history lessons, Nelsonfong's gags were quite funny although I was too tired to laugh.. Oh..

Away for lunch with 吳昊hChristy, 吳雅諺, 黃詠薇. A nice experience .

In the afternoon, had a economic quiz. Not very difficult, I guess. Anthony copied my MCQs again I have nothing to say x) It doesn't matter always, right..... After that the previous quiz was back, I got 31.5/40.. about 78% hehe

Out with Carman and 鄭皓維 in town centre, seeked for my birthday present this year It was very nice to go out with them.

After attending Kevinko's lesson, went home for dinner.

I am very tired today.. But there was still a lot of work for me

Work Work Work !
Work it out!
We'll make things right!
The sun will shine


The first day of 2008 

January 01 [Tue], 2008, 15:19
Happy New Year !

Planning my 2008 schedule this morning, talked on phone with Carman.

Later when I got online, Starrie and Yan told me that.... there was still a lot of homework un-done for me! Shocked *0*

Working and chatting online with Nicole for nearly the whole day..


Last day of the year 

December 31 [Mon], 2007, 23:13
Today is the last day of the year.

Sorry to claim that I still remember how we celebrated this holy day 9 years ago. In McDonald's, with my most precious music box.. How can I let it fade away in my brain?

I love you the most, but you torn my heart without sympathy...

OK, let it go before 2008 !

Today I was still sick seriously... Had a really hard war with the sickness.

Runnnnnnnnny nose... = = So annoying

Phoned Nelsonfong at 8:30 told him that I can't attend the History whole quiz this morning and maybe as well as the tutorial lesson in the afternoon. He seemed to be quite unhappy ( I dont know if it was related to my absence omg- - )

He told me to have rest.. But he also mentioned that he might not mark my paper later if I was absent.. Quite depressed.

Had a damnful sore throat today.. And really tired.



December 30 [Sun], 2007, 22:04
Today after attending Lindalau's lesson, I went to POM Cafe in Mongkok, aimed to take a look of the place. Just next to 信和, in an independent building with a lot of 賓館..... I was quite disappointed when I saw the reality.. The shop was not very ( I am sorry but have to say so ) hygenic. Those toys which attracted me on its advertisment online seemed to be very dirty.. There was only one waiter in the shop, I think.. Despite of his good-looking, his performance as a waiter was satisfactory. To be objective, I ordered a set of toasts but somehow later the good-looked waiter- - told me that the minimum charge of customers in the cafe was a drink... =口=||||

Definitely I know it was extremely dangerous for me to have a drink in a 'cafe' which located in a building with such a wide variety of 賓館=,= and I strongly refused to order such a drink. Fortunately he didn't insist and even let me go with the food cancelled...... The only thing I can think of was 'There was such a incurable good guy in Hong Kong!'......(lol) I was very very grateful to him although I disliked the shop so much =( I hope there will be chances to meet him again ( with the major premise : not in this shop please! .\/. )

With my mobile phone number left for a booking (?), went to take the bus no.1 and rushed to grandma's home.

Had lunch with her, there was a lot of jokes =) Promised grandma to stay with her next Saturday night.. Which means that I won't have chance to return Tuen Mun with Nelsonfong@@ aiiiiiiiiii.... such a precious chance =/\=!!

The whole family arrived at 3 o'clock. Left at 5 o'clock and had desserts in a cafe in Kowloon City. It was called Honey Pot, and emphasized that the chef was good at making desserts which can be compared to those in hotels.

Ordered a crepe with bananas, of course =)

Had dinner in Tuen Mun at about 7 o'clock. Arrived home at half past 8.

The last 2 days of 2007.. Hope you would be fine..


Start of something new 

December 29 [Sat], 2007, 23:49
A complicated feeling tonight.

Typing my entry through the computer, I suddenly felt that I was totally a stranger of you, and everything about you, even something that was definitly mine.

How come? I could not realise what had happend in fact.

Still remember my reason of choosing xanga five years ago.. I saw Cristine Lai's and I was sure that you would make yours somehow later. And then I signed it up at once. That was my second online blog, the first one was with my first bbs, which had been forbidden as the server itself closed up.

Now memorizing those foolish days.. I just want to cry, and shout, and go crazy.. Huh.

Now I have became a secondary 5 student.. everyday sitting in the classroom which you were sitting in last year.

Juanita stays, but you had gone..

2008 is coming, I still want to say Happy New Year to you, although you never care about my words. Never.

Ten years had passed and I received no 'Happy Birthday' from you. Therefore I am surely not looking forward to yours of this year.

I would always type an entry in English in this blog.

I aim to avoid doing any more foolish things in the future, including memorizing you and things about you through my xanga.

Finally, best wishes to all of my beloved friends, I love all of you always.

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