ad rub eyes and mouth

November 19 [Tue], 2013, 12:23
nike free run 2 running shoesdad rub eyes and mouth, while crying out:" Wushu ah! Gui friends back, you can see, you closed touched upon it, your eyes are not closed mouth, Gui friends even more sad. "Wu Sao added:" Uncle ah! I know that you are friends and Xi Lan Kwai blame They did not give birth to a child, right? can only blame to blame this morals, and even have enough to eat, where there will be kids, our village on the last two years did not even have a child born, t-ah, you just close your mouth and eyes, they will have children ...... "may be warm and humid towel scrub a long time, Dad's mouth and eyes finally have shut.

When I woke up again before we know the night was almost noon, the school Zoujiao Zhang and Li accounting from Fengyang pull a coffin with a dray, sister brother they came early, has been busy, as I am in a semi-conscious state, the family and friends as well as what side to how busy I can not remember, just remember my head calico led by two men strapped to his father's coffin home West and mother's grave buried it. Then I stumbled back to sleep for two days barely sustain them. When my wife and sister finishing father possessions, only to find his father's side of the
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