she did not know the spring there

November 15 [Fri], 2013, 11:41
nike air max humara First, fever, chills after that , and then later is nausea and vomiting. We did not dare to take me home , but directly sent me to the hospital . Said the doctor a look heatstroke . How I had heat stroke . Heat stroke is still not right and proper dog days , how can stroke it fall ? Listen to the doctor to say , my brain Hai Lima strayed Lu Xun's "blessing" in the Xianglinsao , she did not know the spring there will be a wolf in the village , the result is not accidentally let the wolf eat a small Amauri . Today is also my opinion and Xianglinsao , only know the dog days to heat stroke, I did not expect autumn can still heat stroke.

Home , but also a bottle is to take medicine, but also experience a natural body purgatory . Lying on the bed so that the temperature began to rise , all these years I am especially sensitive to temperature , 37 degrees after three long , I began to have physical reactions . And now it has been a body temperature 38 degrees , and my sanity has some trance . In fact, reading "blessing" is already a thing many years ago , when Xianglinsao feel pity , how will the wolf ate the spring infested son . The other I seem to want much. Ordinarily the past so many years now , how do I suddenly remembered where the situation in a trance Xianglinsao it ? What can we say this being a metaphor ? Difficult forward to this being what mysterious reincarnation ?
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