My left hand was holding the

August 14 [Wed], 2013, 12:00
mens nike air max 95 My left hand was holding the camera, in order to protect his fall when the camera is not being broken, I first use the entire right hand brace, followed by left-arm elbow to the ground. Because things come as a surprise, plus my body has been bad, lack of exercise all these years, on this fall, when my right palm on the rupture of blood vessels, the blink of an eye on the emergence of a palm purple mass. I have not seen any cases of vascular rupture, did not expect to be so terrible pain. Was sitting on the ground a long time can not be together. Finally helped up by others. No left arm began to feel any discomfort, but his left hand with his right hand pressed firmly places bleeding.

In place to sit for half an hour, right palm blood be stopped, then he noticed his left arm elbow out of the question. Was also swollen not activity. Had wanted to visit several attractions, so do not go anywhere where Yishuai. I had to take the cable car down the mountain. Sitting on the tramway, Zhangjiajie mountain is some charm. Although still at hand and arm pain, but I still looked out nike air max 2013 mens
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