Trois cent sept

September 12 [Thu], 2013, 22:12
I was gonna write this a couple days ago but I ended up falling asleep while typing it on my iPod

Anyway, on Sunday evening I got a message from Ayu asking if I was free the next day, which I was since it was my weekend~
It was the first time anybody has come over so I quickly cleaned my place (I'm so dead during the week that I don't bother cleaning anything)
I don't think my place has been this clean in months
I guess mama is right, having people come over is one of the best motivations to clean

Somehow it feels wrong to not bake something if somebody is coming over so I made a salted caramel tarte tatin
It's so hard to think of things to make that don't require a mixer or something, haha

I also made some rosemary and cheddar scones
I started off using a recipe... but ended up just throwing things together because it's kinda hard to following a recipe when you don't have a scale or even measuring cups
Luckily they turned out ok

Ayu come over around lunch time and brought curry and cake!!
Thank you, Ayu~~~~
You have me such a cute cake and I gave you a huge pile of apples... I'll try harder next time

lol, stealing this pic from her Instagram

So happy to meet a fujoshi friend
Can't wait to hang out again soon!!

Trios cent six

September 07 [Sat], 2013, 22:02
Whoa, forgot to update on here for 3 weeks!
Omg, I have a band-aid on my left thumb now and it's making it so hard to type on my iPod!!
I made bread this morning at work for the first time in 3 months and I sliced my thumb open while I was scoring them
Ugh, morning shift is so painful to wake up for...
I get the same amount of sleep (or more) but it's just so hard to wake up early...
Oh well, one more week and I'm back to evening shift

Hmmm... so what has happened since the last time I updated...
I don't remember, so I'm just gonna go through my pics and post up random crap

There was one morning that I slept super late but somehow woke up super early so I decided to go to Spotlight to get fabric
I was sooooo lucky though!! They were having a sale for 30% off everything!!
I ended up buying all the fabrics for 3 different costumes for $109... most of it is quite nice too so it was a pretty good deal!

I tried Central Baking Depot~ I didn't know that they were a sister store to Bourke Street Bakery! It's only a 5 minute walk away from my place
I actually went twice... the first time I hate the hazelnut ganache twist and almond croissant and the 2nd I had the twist again and a regular croissant
I don't even like almond croissants in the first place but the girl working there suggested it... it was kinda gross and soggy

I was on vid chat with M門さん and Tiffa and they asked me if I got their love letter yet
I don't check my mail super often cuz the front desk ppl aren't there when I get home at night so I went down and checked
Lol, they sent me a Kise greeting card and a Kaijo student handbook

I started working on my homo sailor costume~~
Why do I even bother with details that nobody will notice....

It's not too cold now and I can walk around without my parka!
Even in the morning I don't need to wear it while I walk to work
Kinda makes me worry about how hot it's gonna get in the summer though

I was on George Street the other day and noticed that Lord of the Fries was open!
I got the classic cut with Belgian sauce~ I wish I got the kid's size though, regular was bigger than I expected

And then I camwhored in my half finished Haruka cos...
Not totally satisfied with the hat, but I'll leave it for now
Still need to make the pants, but that probably won't take more than a couple hours
The top actually took less time to make than I expected (even with making a mock up and everything)

Ok, getting sleepy even though it's only 10:40pm...

Trois cent cinq

August 16 [Fri], 2013, 4:13
Whoops, I was so dead from SMASH that I forgot to update on here for a while
On my days off last week I realized that I had even less time than I thought to finish sewing for the con (cuz I'm stupid and forget that my weekend is actually on Monday and Tuesday, it's just that it feels like Saturday and Sunday to me)
So basically Monday and Tuesday I was sewing all day and then Wednesday-Friday I'd wake up early and sew a little bit before work and sew some more after work
I was soooo dead on Friday
And it didn't help that it was super busy and the new exec pastry chef was there
So on Friday night I didn't sleep til after 3am and woke up around 7:30am to get ready
I was kinda taking my time, but I wish I got out a bit earlier
I didn't expect the pre-reg line to be so long
I'm glad the con was at the convention centre though, only took me 5 minutes to walk there so I just went there in my costume
I was kinda nervous about going though since I was by myself and didn't know what to expect
Only times I went to cons by myself were when I was in Paris... man, those events sucked
I didn't get inside til bout 10:30am so I wandered around a bit before going to the Morita Masakazu panel
It was nice but his panel at Scon was waaaaaay better
I wandered around a bit more afterwards and took some pics of cosplayers
There was soooooo much Shingeki no Kyojin cos
Everywhere you turned you would see somebody wearing the uniform
I talked to somebody doing Kurosaki Ranmaru and she gave me her cos card but I didn't look closely til I was home
Turns out it was somebody that I know on Instagram!! lol, and we totally didn't recognize each other
We've been chatting on twitter and she told me about another event next month so I'll probably go to that too
But omg, I left the con around 1:30pm cuz I had to come home and change before going to work
I was sooooooo incredibly dead that day but luckily it wasn't super busy for a Saturday (or else I really would've died)
I haven't been that exhausted in a long, long time
It was so worth it though, I had a lot of fun

I made Haruka's jacket from the ending theme
It was absolute hell at some points, but I like how it turned out
It was super comfortable too!

Quite a few people recognized the cos and asked me for pics so I was really happy
The blood, sweat, and tears were worth it, lol

Ok, time to sleep...

Trois cent quatre

August 06 [Tue], 2013, 3:02
Stuck in the bathroom again tonight for round 2 of bleach
This one's not as strong though so my scalp isn't burning too much
I'll add the final colour tomorrow, hopefully it'll make the roots match with the rest of my hair cuz I doubt I'll have enough dye left after applying it to the roots

Woke up way later than I wanted to today, but oh well, I probably needed the sleep
I was gonna go out for lunch but I ended up skyping with mama and papa for 2.5 hours
It was too late for lunch and too early for dinner so I waited a bit before heading out
I wanted to try that asian food court in Chinatown since the stuff looked pretty good when I popped in last time
I looked up reviews before going though and ppl said the fried fish at the Thai shop was good so I ordered the garlic pepper one
Pretty good since it was $10.50 including soup and rice with free refills
I probably still reek of garlic even though I ate 9 hours ago (and now that I think of it, I'm surprised I'm not hungry right now even though I ate such a long time ago)

I always pass this alley and want to take a pic, but I'm usually too lazy or I have a lot of groceries with me
It's kinda creepy with the glowing cherubs, but it looks like it'd be kinda cool for a photoshoot

Trois cent trois

August 05 [Mon], 2013, 3:11
omg, haven't updated in over 3 weeks
lol, I'm actually bleaching my hair right now so I'm stuck in the washroom til I can rinse my hair
It's so annoying having thick hair, one box of bleach is barely enough to cover my roots

But anyway, for the reason I haven't been updating....
Something horribly embarrassing happened after my last entry
I've kind of pushed it to the back of my mind, but once in a while I think back to it and want to smash my head against the wall
It felt so horribly surreal, I couldn't believe it was actually happening... omg, I want to roll around on the floor right now from embarrassment
So when I got to work on the Sunday....

Rさん: I have a pic to show you /takes out her new iPhone
Me: ok!
Rさん: is this you? (It's my Kougami pic that I have as my fb profile)
Me: huh? No... isn't that a guy? (&@!$&:!?@$& FUCKKKKKKKKKKK
Bさん: see, I told you, that's a man!
Gさん: and anyway, that person's hair is black, her hair is blonde!
Rさん: hmmmmmm... but it kind of looks like her /continues to stare at the pic
Me: /continues to work FUCCKKKKKKKKKKK

I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die
I always thought that Rさん would figure out that I'm an otaku and maybe a cosplayer, but not like this!! And not with Bさん and Gさん around!!
Stupid Facebook!! I didn't know it would trace my page through my Australian cell number /cries
I could tell that she totally knew it was me though...
During my break I texted her since already left and told her the truth but told her to keep it a secret
She was so nice about it too, saying that it's part of Japanese fashion (she probably thought I was just cross dressing and not cosplaying)
... but it's not normal no matter how you say it
Thank god it was my weekend after that so I didn't have to see her for 2 days (I spent my weekend facepalming and cringing all the time when I thought about it. Even mama and papa were laughing at me when I told them about it)
lol, so for the week after that we didn't talk much, I think cuz it was so awkward
It felt like an otome game... and I picked the wrong answer so our relationship gauge went down
I think our gauge is back up though!! lol, after 2 weeks of awkwardness...

And since I don't have any pics from today, here's a pic from last weekend
I tried out Princess Coco Chocolaterie since I passed by it a couple weeks ago on my way to the theatre
It's so cute in there! It's be so nice for a tea party or private shoot (they have really pretty chairs and tables)

I had the earl grey hot chocolate~
The earl grey flavour was surprisingly strong!
It was a bit sweet for me but it was still good

I also tried the tiramisu dome
I didn't get a pic of it before the server poured the coffee chocolate sauce on it, but it was quite cute
And I was totally dying by the end of it because I can't eat a lot of sweet stuff at once

Ok, maybe it's time to rinse my hair...

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