I hardly ever use Motorcycle Carburetor

May 26 [Thu], 2016, 11:35
In fact, I hardly ever use Motorcycle Carburetor carb cleaner any more, because it simply doesn't do a very good job of anything but removing varnish from the bowl and slide. But try this.

Poking it through. - Collect a few different diameters of needle like objects.

A wire from a steel bristle brush works well, a bristle from a broom works well, a baby pin, small sewing needle, etc.

Very gently try to poke it through the jet. If you are using a metal needle use caution, brass jets can scratch and deform easily.

Boiling! - This works better than anything. Toss the jets into a pot of boiling water and let them bounce around for a couple minutes.

When you pull them out blow some compressed air through them and you'll most likely be good to go.

Some idle jets can be real tricky and never seem like they'll be cleaned out.

Just keep working at it, I've never met a jet that couldn't be cleaned.

Air mixture screws have a tendency to strip or break. If the carbs were real gummed up you might find that the air screws are Carburetor float stuck.

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