maintenance of security and stability

February 25 [Tue], 2014, 9:16

maintenance of security and stability in the capital, will begin March 1, for the public to report clues about terrorism-related cases involving violence to give cash supra owen sale
wards . Clues so-called "terrorism-related violence involving clues" including those relating to organization, planning, implementing or incitement to violence, terrorist activities, etc., and related suspicious people, and things, cars and other clues. Notice noted that such clues reception, evaluation, award and other work will be unified in charge of Beijing Public Security Bureau. A senior Chinese official to Afghanistan today a rare visit, urged the neighbors to find their long-standing conflict of an inclusive political solution, and that security depends on China's western region of peace in the region.In this visit, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The current positive engagement with Taliban extremists decade-long U.S. and its allies prepare for the gradual withdrawal of troops occasion.Northeastern mountains bordering Afghanistan and China increasingly concerned about the safety of the Xinjiang region that Chinese Muslim extremists gained the support of neighbors militants.Wang Yi said at a news conference with Afghan Foreign Minister Osmani held, said: "Peace and stability in Afghanistan is related to the security of western China, and more related to peace and development of the entire region."He said, "China expects Afghanistan to achieve broad and inclusive political settlement as soon as possible, and is willing to continue to play a constructive role," "separatist no future."Wang is on a visit to Kabul in 2002 year, when he was deputy foreign minister in the Taliban government fell after he went to th

e Chinese Embassy Complex Museum hosted the ceremony.The visit comes Afghan Transitional Wang Yi, the end of the year is the deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops in Afghanistan, and Afghanistan will hold presidential elections in nike air max tn uk
April.Representatives of different ethnic, tribal and religious groups 11 candidates will start competing to replace has served two terms as president Hamid Karzai. All candidates have promised to end decades of civil war and insurgency conflict.Diplomats in Beijing said that in recent months, China has accelerated contacts with some areas of strength, mainly worried about the potential unrest after the withdrawal of NATO-led troops, and spread to Xinjiang.One has been concerned about the relationship between China and Afghanistan anonymity diplomat stationed in Beijing, said: "They take a lot of the initiatives they are worried about the situation in Xinjiang.."United States and its allies plan to keep troops in Afghanistan in support of a small army against the Taliban in Afghanistan, but Karzai refused to sign the agreement authorized foreign troops remain in Afghanistan after 2014.According to Chinese state media reported that during the Sochi Winter Olympics, held this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Karzai and promised to help the reconstruction of Afghanistan, Kabul, also urged the two sides to create a safe environment for cooperation.Wang Yi's visit may also highlighted the economic potential of Afghanistan, despite the turbulent situation hinders foreign investment. China eager to invest in Afghanistan's resource reserves, according to Pentagon estimates, Afghanistan's resource reserves worth $ 1 trillion. Ukraine's parliament held a special meeting on the 23rd, allies overwhelmingly passed a resolution in support of the new president, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko Alexander Turchinov produce and perform in the new presidential elections before the presidential oath of office duties.Parliament decided to form a new governmentUkrainian parliament to hold the 23rd meeting, 339 attended, of which 285

people voted in favor of the Speaker Turchinov interim president duties. Day meeting also adopted a decision to lift many ministers cabinet positions, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Leonid with the Minister of Education and Science Dmytro Tabachnik. President Viktor Yanukovych ally, is considered deeply involved in the decision to shelve the EU associated countries Yanukovych agreed. Since late November last year, the Ukrainian government has decided to suspend because of the associated countries and the EU signed agreements a crisis, continued political unrest. Council meeting did not determine Kezha La successor.The meeting also agreed to establish a government of national unity. Turchinov said that all parties should immediately begin negotiations on the 25th to complete the formation of the new government.The police want to arrest former Attorney GeneralWhere Yanukovych Party of Regions of Ukraine 23, issued a statement condemning Yanukovych issued improper orders, causing many casualties street demonstrations led to the conflict. Yanukovych Not to respond.Yanukovych did not resign, are unaccounted for. Yanukovych spokesman Hanna Herman 23, told the Associated Press reporter, Yanukovych will notnike air max tn trainers
leave Ukraine, will continue to exercise presidential duties.Ukraine's parliament on behalf of the prosecution Authority Magnitsky Mach 23, said police had arrested ready sacked former Attorney General and Minister of PuXiong card before income Klee Myanmar Branch, and the two transferred to judicial organs.Tymoshenko called for continued protestsAnother hearing on the 22nd, Yanukovych's political rival, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to leave the custody of the hospital is to regain freedom. After his release, Tymoshenko said it would run for president, and led Ukraine's accession to the EU.22 evening, Tymoshenko came to Kiev Independence Square, in a wheelchair to
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