2006年12月22日(金) 23時04分
Yup...I am free now, free from QP at least before the result release!

Pile of files have been pumped in my in-tray......never able to "defeat" them. But i will work harder on next week to defeat them ...wahaha

Tmr go to shopshopshop and watch film...goood!

3 days left..... 

2006年12月18日(月) 19時42分
FPE will be held on Thu....still 3 days left to go......

LOng time havnt entered this diary.....forget the password and try many times sin enter....

AFter thu...i will be free...wahaha

FPE..Go Go Go 

2006年08月08日(火) 0時26分
I have not entered this page and written diary for long long long time. I have forgotten the last date of my diary entry already, let me check it later. Result is released today and both of us pass the exam...fortunately..coz the 30 marks CFS ...we still can pass..really lucky. We may need to prepare the FPE very soon,...oha...relax so long time and need to work hard again lu!...Hope can adapt to this life, coz i have been lazy and relax for such a long time!

Wanna eat ice-cream....delicious

Want A Relaxed Vacation 

2006年05月09日(火) 13時38分
Suddenly wanna to have a long holiday and can go for a trip....I want to relax and have plenty of sleeping!...Although just like a piggy, I like it!

Dunno why I havnt worked for a year but i have felt tired of working, it should not be a youngster's thought, my heart tell me I should work hard but I always wanna to have big rest.....

If I can get away from my work and take a trip, it will be very very perfect!

I havnt Bullied U.... 

2006年05月09日(火) 12時02分
Yesterday nite, my mum said I must always bully Chakchak, but it is not the case a! He always bully me...not I bully him ga!!!

One of my colleague has resigned today la, seems the "Leaving Wave" has started in our company lu. I am so free today, nth to do and I just browsing the web now! Will go to do ORSO in the afternoon, I never did that before, my colleague said its easy to do and asked me dun worry, hope SO....


2006年04月27日(木) 15時05分
Yesterday heard a news from a colleague, also my former schoolmate, although it is totally unrelated to me but really feel a bit..strange..wanna share this 8 thing with Blai..haha...but these days dun c her online....

These days are also so available, nth to do and nth to do, everyday, my schedule is going to work----wait for lunch---having lunch---waiting for leaving office----have dinner--studying ---sleeping (my favourite)...


2006年04月25日(火) 14時57分
Because i have typed a wrong user name!!!!
So Bachi

I get my hair Perm!!!! 

2006年01月14日(土) 19時14分
I have said perming my hair for very long time and today I really get it permed! B go with me....we went to Tsim Sha Tsui and entered a salon that looked quite good. After asking for the price which we felt reasonable, I sat down and started my "Perming Trip"........Last time I get my hair permed when I was form 5, I remembered that I permed it coz we had graduation dinner and I was going to the salon with B....

Intially we planned to have tea after perming hair but it took me four hours to finish .....really sorry that B has to wait for me, hope that we can have tea together sooner or later. The stylist also said B was so good and waited for me for so long....

Although it seems a little bit strange when I first saw my new look, its not bad and fortunate that both B and Mum said my look is quite good....but a little bit mature then before.....may be it is time for me to become bigger both mentally and physically...

My First Diary in 2006.... 

2006年01月12日(木) 9時07分
I have not entered this page for such a long time! Actually I was busy with QP in the last month, thats why I havnt written any new diary since my last trip to Disneyland. Now everything is over and new year starts...for few days already of course.

These days I get nth to do both in office and home. In office, since I am waiting to go to PRC next monday, nth I can do, or I should say no job is waiting for me except that PRC one. I need to charge many "General" in my timesheet!...Too BAD! In home, as no QP materials are available for collection, my time in home mainly spending in reading Harry Potter and watching Sakura dvd....very relaxing time but I know that the hardest time is yet to come! My godness!

Trip to Disneyland 

2005年12月05日(月) 14時51分
Yesterday I went to Disneyland with Jeff. I thought it was a really nice trip!

We played the games I wanted to play, including space was the most exciting one I supposed although it was not really very exciting...I also played "Ba Si Kwon Lin", I scored very low a! It was quite interesting though not exciting. Other ppl commented HK Disneyland is too small and not attractive as other Disneyland around the world. I agree that it is not as big as other Disneyland but it is still quite attractive. Also, even it is not big still I am unable to play all the gaming facilities inside the park.

If u want to experience exciting moment, may be ocean park will be a better choice. But if u want to have some fun and take nice photos, u should surely go to Disneyland. My impression is that once u step in the Disneyland, u could feel the fun around u.

Remember dun miss the shows....I think all the shows were fantastic.3D, Golden Mickey and Lion King....Although I have watched 3D Movie also in Japan, I still found it interesting, may be I have gone there long time ago gwa...
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