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July 06 [Wed], 2011, 18:31

Code for "sea joint combat readiness training exercises of the Philippines and the U.S. navy" war on 28 June afternoon in the Philippines BaLaWang province of edom SuLuHai unfolds, the exercise ZhongYun ", "U.S. military use and" Howard "th missile destroyer," guardian "th salvage ship, P-3 C anti-submarine patrol, SH-60" haiying "helicopters etc weapon equipment, Philippines, use" o gentiles army was no. "and" the west LiCha ", and other louis vuitton monogram idylle equipment cruisers.

Exercise is divided into two major link sea and the shore, including naval gun shooting, sea blockade, naval patrols, intelligence sharing, combined operations, boarding search, ships salvage, medical care, etc.
The exercises for 11 days, is scheduled for July 8 th.
For this exercise, the Philippines folk questioned and criticized a voice. The Philippines "patriotic alliance" new earlier this month issued a statement saying, the Philippines beauty of mutual defense treaty with the U.S. military aid not only not make phillips army modernization, on the contrary make phillips army behind more. Also has the Philippines for the media war games, the Philippines said phillips pour cold water on the United States don't imagine war with louis vuitton epi leather China.

Yin from the general characteristics of the Philippines war games, see beautiful words, isn't that a little XiangZhuang swordplay means?
YinZhuo (navy expert committee, the director of the information platform engage by special arrangement, rear admiral) : commentator

Is, indeed, was that we can from it drill several features we check. The first is to choose the time just choose in the Philippines and we cry, the Philippines domestic nationalism and including the Philippines government in a certain extent, in the south China sea to start really some of the dispute, the United States at this time with it make joint exercises in time, of course, it is to have on the intentions of the choice. Another exercise place and we said the location of the exercise is BaLaWangDao this place, but it is BaLaWangDao across, mainly in the SuLuHai also cross to BaLaWangDao, this place is just west of a channel, buck and BaXiLan strait barak is from the south China sea to the Pacific Ocean on an important channel, if be 38 strait impassability, they were ready to say big state-owned possible from this place go, this is drill site selection. In addition we said this time it's exercise now, have two content is worth attention. The first is that we've seen in the picture, it has the kind of exercise, foray reef is the whole landing platform, then rushed up to the reef U.S. marines and the louis vuitton bags Philippines in race to the reef of course this machine for the nansha reef like into the problem for lost and again. There is another important content that is lines, he said that the sea blockade blockade is actually in the archipelago blockade. The United States and the louis vuitton fashion bags Philippines joint blockade archipelago, blockade, when they say who is for the country to use this aisle, barak is BaXiLan strait, buck and the channel of U.S. military is very important. The Philippines in coordination with U.S. in this place to pursue a blockade exercise, the pertinence, directionality is very clear.

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July 06 [Wed], 2011, 18:30
The central television station "today" show on July 3, 2011 the war games broadcast, arms "notorious" beauty in the south China sea of wu urgent dazzle phillips, analysis the United States and the Philippines joint war games in the louis vuitton bags south China sea to the situation of the impact of the program, for the record.
The Philippines is beauty "maritime joint combat readiness training exercise" who is the putative foe? A private enterprise to sea dispute agent mobilization, although a beauty pageant oil miss "defend" the south China sea, why the Philippines to the proof? Phillips said the south China sea have total America help, whether to show off the Philippines in the world on the waterfront biggie? The United States is the strongest nuclear submarine, and whether the west Pacific deployment in the south China sea to release its backing for the state of the signal? Please look at the later today of attention.

Hello, everybody and welcome to the attention of the are on this day."
For 11 days of the Philippines sea joint strategic joint combat readiness training exercise, at present in the Philippines, BaLaWang province of edom SuLuHai on the exercise, the United States, among ZhongYun used, and the Howard missile destroyer weapon equipment, etc, and also reveals the Philippine military lose out, their cruisers. Although the louis vuitton leather wallets Philippines military babble about this an exercise not at any of the putative foe, but people still can see that name eye XiangZhuang swordplay, the meaning of the male to lustily. From Vietnam era of naval exercises, to the United States and the asean six countries exercise, plus the upcoming beauty of the joint military ties, the south China sea area can say is you will play the stage ". In addition, the Philippines a mobilization of the private companies to dispute his sea oil exploration on the one hand, and made miss defend south China sea drum beauty, the Philippines so why the proof, in addition the Philippines chief said something the United States can help to the south China sea, does that also to show off, the Philippines in the world on the waterfront of such a big style. America's strongest nuclear submarines and deployed in west Pacific, whether in the south China sea to release its backing for the state of the signal? Will these topics today we please two guests comments analysis.

A guest is navy informatization of chairman of committee of experts, this set special commentators, rear admiral YinZhuo. How do you do, Mr. And a guest is tsinghua university professor, institute of international issues louis vuitton rolling luggage this set, welcome Mr. SunZhe special commentators two.
The show please guests and friends through a short video to try to understand the beauty of the Philippines war louis vuitton taiga leather games.

Attention: the Philippines today in other countries don't exercise?
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