Spring holiday show in Monaco's coastal holiday

July 31 [Wed], 2013, 12:12
It is understood that currently down clothing market occupies 70% in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang also account for a significant amount of shares, while Anhui alone down clothing materials provided, no down clothing brand. "But this situation is changing, feather merchants started to build local brands in Anhui Province. "Ye Liang said, down brand in Anhui province to create the process, has a unique advantage (1621.914,10.52,0.65%), first advantage is a wealth of resources, followed by labour advantages, with the improvement of labor costs in coastal areas, there have been many down brand to Anhui recruit workforce, or to transfer the part of industry to production in Anhui Province. In addition, production technology, Anhui is not lagging behind, production and processing of many famous down clothing optional site in Anhui.

Jeanswest national also advocated the popularity of the brand, the pursuit of value for money. After positioning, everyone in that direction to do so. Jeanswest national out of something, say for sure is the best, but products are the same price, the best. According to Xiao Zhichang describes, with the nike free 4.0 v2 australia rank of brands on the market, marginal profit is earned by jeanswest national minimum. Do as great value for money concept, is jeanswest national 10 years not one of the important reasons. Many brands when it becomes famous, desperate to earn excess profits. When consumers find products and value are not equal, it slowly fell. Earn huge profits, the higher the sooner it fell.

He nike free trainer 5.0 australia surprisingly mild, with Germans customary upbringing, has a master of style, new view on the third floor of the Bund, was seen by people, for fashion and arrangement of new perspectives. "Look at the HUGO style of each piece, but still can be harmoniously matching each other, design concept is to ensure that you pick in a series matching can also contribute to a daily fashion dress of the evening magnificent banqueting, leisure suits. Imagine a traditional elegant dressmaker forms of dress to sportswear, dress waist match with jeans, daily dress up every baseball cap wool Tartan cloth on a bold, even fur. "All these we can mix, is the attitude of Volker Kachele carry over into this season.
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