2009年05月05日(火) 4時16分
>8D Eat shit ppl!


I'm back 8D! 

2008年06月02日(月) 7時45分
Well well, I'm back 8D as you can see in the main title of this thing \(e0e)/ so, weeeeeeeeell... i hope that... nah... i don't hope nothing right now.. really D8! huhu well.... all the other entries where so happy... (u_u;;) God, well, shit happens, but i'm not going to stop because some stupid faggot did that to me (>_o)9 so, yeah i'm going to kick his f*cking ass and continue with my life duh duh! I don't need you darling you're just a part of my life 8D but, in the past (e0e;;;) ando you're going to stay THERE in the past (;;*-*) and yeah, I love my parents for telling me to do that at the first i was like "i hate life i don't wanna get in love again!" but then YOU did THAT and yeah 8D now you make me wanna puke a lot yeah yeah. I never thought that I was going to know someone with that grade of stupidity but now i know yeah I know that xD;; you never know what is going to happen in your life and yeah you'll know RETARDS 8O LIKE YOU! well, i don't know why i'm writting this xD you don't even know english dear 8O but i'm lazy to write this in spanish 8) tehee~ n//n.

Peace (;;*-*).

Hahaha in this moment i'm thinking sh*t like "boys suck" xD or somethin' like that hahaha...I think i'm kinda sleepy, so xD see ya!


2008年02月03日(日) 4時03分


2008年01月10日(木) 13時39分




I'm bored D< 

2008年01月07日(月) 6時10分
Gosh D: this day is boring, today is my brother's birthday but... it's a veeeeeeeeeery quiet day I don't like it, wa wa wa and now I'm here listening Zero from Alice Nine, drinking water and watching Tom & Jerry at the tv, I think I'm gonna stay a wile in the msn and in te myspace D:

Panda B:<


2008年01月06日(日) 10時09分
Dude, this can't be true ._. my platonic and impossible love is engaged... he was one of the things that always makes me happy and now he's going to... get married!! o(ToT)o life is cruel!

I'll eat bitchTACOS

Well... that... Peace


2008年01月05日(土) 6時39分
(*-*;) Finally, after a lot of time wanting to do THIS, finally xD I did it, danke! to Luna o(ToT)o...

Yesterday I went to the movies :9... well... to a friends house to watch movies... and that (*-*)^

Today maybe I'll go to the movie theater with my bakas O:

And... that (-w-);;

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