He lightly corrected her on one particular historical cheap air max 2014

March 04 [Tue], 2014, 16:20
He lightly corrected her on one particular historical anecdote that she described about the totem cheap air max 2014 poles of the west coast but it seemed more of a story telling than an effort on authenticity. To the blue eyes watching him and listening, it was clear that his knowledge of west coast heritage had not come from a book.. but a far richer resource. He had certainly been told.. and had listened to the aural culture he sprang from. His connection to Orca seemed almost spiritual, even disconcerting.. as he expanded on her interpretation of the great mammals and the symbology of his coastal people.“There’s just something about him that’s so familiar.. what is it?”“Do you by any chance know of the studies by Katherine Edwards at UBC? She’s the one who’s been doing a lot of work with all the data and imagery from the whale watchers to the south of Bella Coola? I know she’d love to hear some of those stories.”“Can’t say that I have Maam.. Shirley.. cheap nike air max 90 em sorry,, at least not by that name. I’ve heard of some pretty interesting stuff that’s being done.. mainly through some of the surfers and kayakers I know down that way. And I know that there’s a lot of work being done with underwater recordings and the like.”“I think you’d remember her if you’d met her.”To Darcy.. the connection between his wife and young Jimmy was remarkable, and they discussed stuff that was way over his head but incredible to listen to. He never ceased to marvel at this woman who sat there so easily.. yet had marvelous things to say. Her expression was particularly interesting to Darcy.. as he hadn’t seen that kind of rapt focus and expression from her in quite a while as she kept her work at the University seperate from her home life. But tonight she seemed to be on a wavelength with Jimmy and the exchange was almost blurring to Darcy.The young man’s table manners were exceptional and he politely took her cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse advice regarding seconds.. but declined thirds. He did look casually at the last slice of ham.. was caught in the act and finally accepted her insistence that he do the honours. She barely caught him as he adroitly tucked the last of it into his napkin.. and scolded him, letting him know she had a healthy chunk left in the kitchen for his dog. He smiled at being caught so easily.. and leaned back in his chair lightly.“Absolutely awesome Shirley.. and Darcy.. scalloped potatoes you say! Have to have that recipe for my grandmother.. she’d do it justice.. and that’s for sure for sure for sure..”She watched the young man with more than growing interest as he tucked away the last bites.. there was something special about him, no doubt about it.. too good to be true? She was beginning to doubt that.. and was beginning to understand why Darcy had come home.. so.. so much almost in a dream state with a far away look in his eyes.. cheap nike air max 90 sneakerboot This simple kid with the dark eyes seemed to bring a … a projection with him.. like a large transient bubble of hope.. belief.. and his connection to the whales was staggering to her.
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