To wardrobe inventory is surprising is that many people do not do so 

July 24 [Sat], 2010, 11:21
As a professional shopper, I have already learned the trade smart shopping tips. Here are some of the top who often make mistakes when shopping. Many of my customers are faced with the problem, why do not realize their purchases so that they do not have any wear and tear continue to face difficulties.
1. "But it is for sale!" - Although this may be a very attractive shirt, because it is the only purchase of 19.99 U.S. dollars, you must consider before making the purchase to buy some things. I was so in the things closest to me? What will we do this in my wardrobe? Does it add to my wardrobe? I will buy it, if it is a normal price? This is a quality piece? Eventually you will save not only for this reason to buy their own things to make money, because you still have your wardrobe is invalid.
2. "This is the hottest look this season." - Meaning as a trend and fashion are very different things. Especially when not all types of organizations can wear the same trend. Many a time I shop with clients often pick up the same type of style, did not realize what they are, they have to wear what looks best with the shape of their shopping. This is a sad day, we all know, we may not arise sports jacket, but what to wear on your body so many types of cuts are more stylish, wearing what will be a season of.
3. "Why should I shop, but I still do not wear!" To wardrobe inventory is surprising is that many people do not do so. My customers in their wardrobe hidden gems, for one reason, they may even be in the rotation species. We make a "closet audit", and find you do not wear, what need to constantly churn. In this way, you remove the clutter and open your heart, clothing options you have and find the things you need to your wardrobe with the overall appearance. In addition, by doing so, it was recognized on many of the same type of work, whether they are the elite top ten or 15 in the same wash jeans! We tend to buy what we like, do not realize ... "ah, I have this up."
To avoid closet cases is not consistent general follow this rule of thumb all: If you can not at least three other pieces in my closet to wear, not to buy.
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