Yun's 日記 (允 の 日記) 

November 13 [Mon], 2006, 23:36
it's too late now!! haha(時間が遅かったですね)
today.. i made this blog more beautiful!!! i done...


ah! i watched "STAND UP"(私は STAND UPを見ました)

yeah! it's Japanese Drama!(それは日本ドラマです)

it was pretty hard to understand.....(because i am a girl!!!)

it was good drama(おもしろいドラマでした)

おやすみなさい!!! >w<

Yun's Diary, 允の 日記

こういう!!! i forgot i have a test tomorrow!明日試験がありますね!!

そして!!あの写真は... YamashitaTomohisa(山下智久) 君です

yeah! i saw this man when i was watching STAND UP!haha

この俳優を そのドラマで見ました!

私の校服(our school uniform) 

November 13 [Mon], 2006, 23:21

the model is My friend Hye-in Kim~

yep~it's our's school's uniform~!!!
haha ^-^


Our friends 

November 13 [Mon], 2006, 23:00

this is our friends!! (at the Our School>w<)


Me,My Self,I 

November 13 [Mon], 2006, 22:29
こんばんは~(←Because the time is 10:33pm!!^-^)



I hope you understand well!! ~

Anyway~ we are 13years old girls from South Korea!


firstMe!(Yunjeong! 允貞←my name in Chinese alphabet ,
In-tei is my Japanese name)

yes!My name is 金 『允貞』(←名前)
I am 13years old !! i live in daegu,South Korea.

i'm really really want to have chance to learn Japanese!!!

and~~ now! Ga-young going to introduce herself!!

she's 13years old she lives in Daegu,south korea!
(yeah! we are friends~(私どもは友逹です)

and! she's name is Gayoung 佳煐
so..she's name in Japanese.. "Yoshie"!!! ^0^

so! Now on!we'll make NICE AND PRETTY BLOG!!

ah~ i really want to nice people...-_-;;

I have to go the bed now~ so!!

Bye bye~

(why i wrote this like introduce my self??? this is just my blog! so weird~haha)
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