he the positive color says

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 9:43

zhou, this is clear is Meng a period of 10 days early have been already premeditated, fearing an affair to leaks out will embroil to come home a person, so first one step connect family to walk. The Xiao square annoys the dozen turn in the room and walk several step, come to a stop, hurtle public brandish this fist, mouth once 1 match, but a words also can not say it. Is public to all feel, the Xiao square has already been annoyed to faint a head. The week pretty and suddenly stands to start a form and says:"The small square goes to trip nine rivers!I pour to and see, Meng a period of 10 days actually wants to do what!"Talk, the big stride outwardly walked. The Xiao square quickly catches up to left for, a hold tight the arm that the week stand, stamp foot to say:"Is small to stand, you don't add disorderly not very good?Waiting you to arrive nine rivers must when, that is that the cucumber vegetables Mulberry Outlet is all cool!" "What to do then?" "This....."The Xiao what Mulberry Bags Outlet square had a headache rubs forehead, suppressing the along while didn't also speak why. Zhang Ju Ya Feng beside says:"My pouring is to have a good idea!" "?"Once the public spirit flap, together the voice says:"Zhang Xiong say quickly to listen to!" Zhang Ju Ya Feng is tiny tiny on smiling, say:"Meng a period of 10 days isn't made track for by the north Hong door to kill, to nine river does the direction withdraw?" "Yes!" "We beat for old firewood now telephone, let him render assistance Meng a period of 10 days in person!" "How does that go?Meng a period of 10 days premeditates irregular, hide to still hide to cannot compare with, which can also let firewood does the elder brother pick him up in person?Wasn't that the sheep to go into dangerous spot?"Xiao square positive color way. "Have to start first at this time for Be getting stronger!:Zhang Ju Ya Feng says:"As long as the old firewood sees Meng a period of 10 days, all what rubbish naturally, immediately issue order to polish off him, then beat off the pursuing troops of the north Hong door, turn again to turn head to deal with nine rivers' northern influences in the Hong door, think necessarily with the old firewood of careful with calculations, can cope with good this matter!" See arrive rendering assistance of already, in Meng a period of 10 days heart joy, a piece of big rock also puts down on the whole, the car brigade that gets to the south Hong door near front, just wanted to get off, the cellular phone rings out and starts to connect a to listen to, is 1 piece to open."Meng a period of 10 days, now turn head to return come of and, otherwise you and your brotherses must doom!" Listen to nervous urgent tone of Zhang Yi, Meng a period of 10 days spirit enjoyed, this piece a, pour is persist very!However the words say back, he still really dares to follow behind he to arrive nine rivers, didn't begin all the way, this person pour also pretty good. Think, he the positive color says:"Z
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