Excessive sugar can also affect human health

June 28 [Fri], 2013, 12:43
And protein intake of glioma, newborn provides the necessary nutrients for tissues and cells, replenish the energy necessary to maintain vitality. Such as meat, fish, eggs. Do not blindly go on a diet to lose weight, resulting in malnutrition and weight-dump, greatly affect the elasticity of the skin. Eating more helps to protect the eyes, foods rich in vitamin a and b, such as carrots, potatoes, bean products, and animal's liver. Can enrich blood, improves blood circulation, such as Apple, red dates and fish soup, is to combat dark circles and bags under the highly respected classical diet therapy of soup. Don't ignore food in favour of draining excess fluid in the body, the Elimination of edema, such as red beans, white gourd and Pearl barley etc.nike free run 3 dam The spring diet should be given low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar, low-cholesterol and low incentives 5. Low salt is less food sodium salt, because sodium salt too more will induced hypertension disease, therefore daily salt not over 6 grams; low fat is less food grease, grease daily intake total not over meal total of 30%; low sugar is less eat free sugar, sugar excessive also will effect human of health; low cholesterol is less eat with cholesterol high of animal food, because cholesterol high will led to arteriosclerosis and heart and the brain vascular, multiple disease, daily food meat food cannot over 300 grams; low stimulus that less eat spicy food.nike air max 1 dam
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