2005年08月16日(火) 21時21分
What is friend? I always think that friends can share not only the unhappiness, but also the happinest. I'll sad cos my friend not happy.... and admire her/him that can get a good job or good result...
in here, when i know i can get some kinds of certificate, my friend not really admire what i'm getting...
Friend is respect each other, share the feeling with each other ...If you are my best friend, I would not leave u alone .

back to here 

2005年07月27日(水) 21時08分
IN fact, this time I back to my home country, i change a lot...I so miss there,there are friends , parents, can find a good job or even more delicious food... shopping.... many many stuff i can do at there...
but in here,I'm so bored.... bored of everything... especially the friends in here not really tHat friendly., characters are so differ from mine...
also lazy on study... cannot find a part time.... when i can get a job?????

Work hard period 

2005年05月23日(月) 0時21分
The work progress quite well today. It cannot say on schedule, yet at least I feel satisfy my attitude that are not lazy and emotional. Hopefully I can keep continue to study under this strict time schedule and high pressure.... Work hard ar... "you can do it"...
p.s yet my roomate always not at home, I just don't understand why they are so eager to go outside to play la??? and they no need to study ka ma???

New diary 

2005年05月22日(日) 14時49分
Actually I make up this new diary have 2 reasons. First is I only want to give my closest friends, cos old diary I cannot express my feeling honestly. Second is cos of this diary can directly put my computer picture on it. I think I like this diary more, ha ha~~~

These few days I feel tired and cannot concentrate on my study (cos after new week will be my exam period), I horrible nervous about this. The only way is I try my best to do it friends seems like graduate soon, but i still have half year to go... ohh......I want to finish faster!!!
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