From pencil to scratch the gadget ultras

February 22 [Tue], 2011, 12:12

From pencil to scratch the gadget ultras

The multiple chopping gap, the pencil that erases the scratches from the car body, the "mop" that squeezes alone, a hot water bottle which is heated in office as a phone, the "white stone" which removes grease and shining everywhere.

As always, the Fair of San Faustino not denied the news of the moment and run, maintain its characteristic display of homemade instrument that solves all problems of the housewife or the steward, if you prefer. It was there, the party. Vaio PCG-Z505 battery was party, graced by a storm up to 17 announced, in contrast with conventional wisdom that even San Faustino wants' Merchant of last snow. "

The market is the most anticipated highlight of the event dedicated to the patron. It 's a long way of shopping, which no one escapes even with a small purchase, but it is also a walk through the traditions, spun sugar icing, the' bilingual 'or Tiramolla that once had a name but more colorful is always the same. Avoided some of the past derives ethnic, or anything patchouli incense, Vaio VGN-FS battery are popular repossess the air, the roast pork, roast chestnuts, cheese, mulled wine of Alpine.

To close the circle of Brescia, a location south of the curve of the Swallows with scarves, shirts and the words "100 years of infinite faith. Be ultra is a way of life. " The stalls have competed for color and seductions. The goods had all but the protagonists are thousands of types of vegetables-affected, which now have dedicated the hucksters with imaginative field demonstrations. Vaio VGN-FT battery with classic dishes thrown on the table and offers a few are now spiraling downward.

To attract children and teenagers there is the failed magician who teaches the tricks, from the typical one of the three cups, and sells the kit for magic.

But magic are the remedies for any requirement of the house: the broom is extended to the second floor of a facade, iron placed on a special fund stretches on both sides simultaneously, "micromanina" slips into the slots of the radiator and blinds , the pans cook without fat, they suck from the clothes macerate with the brush by hand or electric, mysterious potions polish your shoes or giving new paint to wood.

The demonstrations are so important and there are those who carry this vater and bidet for an example of Lindor. In San Faustino cleaning, chop Vaio VGN-SZ battery , cook it, you adjust, you cut. And you eat. The new features of a competitor of Nutella, cream 'mou', but then are the usual treats, cakes to no end, huge loaves, sausages, because the psalms always end in glory. MA.BI.

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