The Skillful Ways To Prevent Hair Loss For Girls 

May 27 [Thu], 2010, 9:32

1, reducing the times of washing shampoo: washing hair in the fall as less as possible, the more you wash your hair, the hair will lose the more. We should minimize the number of washing hair in fall, generally 1 or 2 times a week is enough. Don't use the shampoo used in summer degreasing and antidandruff, try to minimize the use of alkaline soap and use hair conditioner more.The Merits and Misunderstanding of links of london jewellery

Can also be intermittent use of some beer or properly add some salt and vinegar in water to wash your hair, so can prevent hair loss. Seductive links of london jewellery Bargains The water for washing hair should be not too hot or too cold. You'd better wash your hair at the intervals of 2-5days and massages could be given while washing your hair. Gentle massage is essential: after washing hair, massaging the scalp with fingers can promote the blood circulation of the scalp and make the hair get more nutrients, oxygen, hormones, etc., so that the hair looks fit.

When massaging, don't touch scalp with nails. You can just knead your fixed parts of scalp with your finger belly from the start place of hair. Regular washing hair and massage can have good results to prevent hair loss caused by dirty and dry hair. Hair grooming also needs some stress.

Don't put too tight hair bundle with ribbon and rubber band. It is unsuitable for the growth and health of your hair. You'd better choose fluffy hairstyle so as to grow hair naturally. Quite head brush, comb will harm hair. Comb hair comb is best to use hair appliances with a wide range, soft resilient in quality .

3, sun block, please prevent your hair from the sun, because in autumn the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight is not less than the summer's. Especially when your hair is exposed to the dry and sunny days, you must pay a lot of attention on the sun. Using umbrella when outside, or using some other coverings to reduce the damage to your hair.

4, Adjust the diet: a healthy diet has good effect on hair`s growth and metabolism. Iron, sulfur, vitamin A, vitamin E and high-quality protein are necessary nutrients for hair growth, and therefore it is necessary to vary the diet, eat plenty of plant protein. For diet, you can arrange more food replenishing vital essence to nourish the lung.

Supplying Vitamin B2 could be better for preventing your hair loss. Supply more food which ccontains iron, Ca, Zin , Vitamin A, B, C and protein. Tricks curing alopecia: grapefruit core can treat alopecia. If hair is yellow, loss or alopecia, use 25 grams grapefruit core. Soak them in boiled water for 24 hours, and smear the hair with of the juicy 2 to 3 times in one day. This will make the hair to grow faster.

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