rely on that border the terrain

August 03 [Wed], 2011, 18:06
"Light Erque never believe this, she always said a million marrow will be off the ground if they can accomplish great things, it should be

sloppy. I really do not want to be ancestors of the foundation in front of me life and life destroyed."
I did not expect the old emperor was also a compassionate person, but unfortunately too do the king's mercy can only be a failure.
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"How do you know she will not succeed?"
"First, due to our culture over military national conscience was brave; Second, I am white in the previous war in the country can survive and

become more wealthy, is to rely on that border the terrain, when the Patriarch had also planted on the matrix border , but only keep non-

offensive. "
"The Princess should know, ah, she definitely would not have quite so Lu."
"So she made a marriage, using marriage to consolidate their position, aided by the help of others."
Marriage! Had her marriage to Yap State is not out of frustration, but has long been intended. "But I'm afraid this is asking for trouble." You

know that the ambition of not less than three princes princess cloud lamp.
"She has been that smart, I am afraid she may be planted on their own smart."
Zhexiang none of us speak again, the gift horse.
"You just have to listen to small Zeng said the current situation is very understanding, that I do not say I know that in any case she is afraid

to move me, nor do I know my own body, did not live a long life is good I only worry about Mu children, depriving them of my siblings kill

each other, Mu child mind is too fun, this is not fit to be emperor, holds many lessons I just hope he can find a quiet secluded place to live, not

to I Cloud's blood on my hands cut off. The light child, to see her own good fortune, I have not so much. "the old Emperor seems totally

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