Dad laugh

January 10 [Mon], 2011, 12:40
Dad laugh so stifled by my word that sounded like he was Yede breathe.

"Oh wow," Charles Reiter holding a fork to his mouth going, stopped suddenly said, "and then revealed the details of chanting point, Grace!"

At this point, Jude will chair a step backward: "I asked to leave?" He asked while the napkin on the table waiting for us to respond, he went straight from the table and went out.

I looked over at her mother. Her eyes seemed to blame me: see you've done it!

"Peas!" James shouted to throw a pea in my face.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, took the opportunity to have left the table.

After a child

I found Jude in the porch, wrapped him in Afghanistan from the couch and brought blankets. Cold, breath turned into a white fog.

"Cold, Jude. Come."

"I'm fine."

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It also called all right? He can not fool me. Few things can make trouble in this way Jude's. Jude could not understand a lot of things: school, some girls said it was too much, then and then only casually say, "I joked," to think that peace and harmony, and Jude is very offensive this behavior; he hates people wasted "the name of God", that is; his most talked nonsense can not stand people who threatened to "Wild Force team" will never win Stanley Cup. But no matter how angry, Jude never shrill, and will never curse, he is really a very introverted and very deep boys. While I was rubbing his arm and heating, while sitting on the steps next to him: "I'm sorry, I filed a Daniel. I did not mean to make you angry."

Jude stroked his left hand on the back of the long scars that road. This is his usual action, so I think he touched the road scars moment is there any special meaning. "I'm not mad," he said finally, "I just worry."

"You worry about Daniel?"

"I worry about you." Jude eyes stared me. We have the same Roman nose and dark brown hair, blue-violet eyes, but we did not always look invariably reveal the fear - especially now, his eyes hidden trace of anxiety and concern. "I know how you look at his ... ..."

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