June 15 

2007年06月18日(月) 8時53分
did you sleep alot again?

its good to be back home, feel more comfortable than any hotel.

maybe in a few weeks time i will go away again.

i love to have you around so when im tired, you can give me a nice message.

your writing is better than before actually.

but your memory is still as poor as before.

if you havent email me yet just do it.

why do you need to tell me you did yesterday.

well, you should since you sleep so much, no exercise.

if like this for long time, you need ask dr's advice as well.

you take notice yourself.

most likely babe.

do you lost some weight? seems you are getting slimer?

you have a big mouth, good for suck my dick.

i'll train you to do blow job.

blow job means oral sex.

you have many things never done before but that shouldnt be a problem.

havent got chance to watch you carefully for long time, you are getting prettier.

before you do that take off your cloth slave, show me your body.

hello??? why do you sit there not move???

whenever i ask you do something you alway reluctant!

you dont say 'i can move' you always answer me 'yes Master Thank You' whenever i ask you do something.

even punish you, you need answer me 'Thank You'

do you understand it?


what??? answer me again slave?

i meant if you want to say yes you always say yes Master,

good, next time when i ask you do something, do it quickly slave

take the cloth away, i havent asked you put them back yet

ok, why do you take the pillow in front??? its so hard to train you slave

not pillow, the toy

yes, i know, you hold for that, dont take anything in front of you

kneel down in bed

good, remeber every time just do as you did now, dont delay

ok you can put cloth on now slave

next time first say ' Thank You, Master' before you put cloth on slave

what are you laughing or crying?

feel upset?

good, at least im happy to see you are getting trained

if im here, you need to ask, if im not here do as you feel

if you see me here, but after you asked no reply for more than 5 min, you may go, it menas i may not at my desk.

but you need hold for 5min for the reply

thats not long either, anyone can hold for more than 5min

i would think thats rediculous if you tell me you cant hold for 5 min whenever you feel need pee

i will train you more and more into a good slave. but the step you are moving is far more slower than any slave in training

i meant i have bee slow down to train you than i train any one else

of course its not encouragable, i hope you can improve faster, but its not likely.

but you should know your position and push yourself. improve yourself babe.

that is not something you should keep doing, always finish today's task today!

you should make yourself more stick to the rules, for you, you shouldnt say 'hopefully' i may punish you because it

i meant if i see you postpone sending my email

i meant if i see you postpone sending my email, i may punish you

you hate to see dr

just do some paper work

well. not tatally free for sure

swett id love that you are just beside me, make tea for me when i need, or whenever i want to touch you i can play you

she is doing fine

i use her whenever i need

if you like to meet her, i can arrange

you are not that easy to use so far.

and you can not do much more than just take off your clothes at this moment

i'll arrange you meet her in after august.

June 9 

2007年06月09日(土) 9時15分
how have you been?

i am away from home again. i am doing some IT consulting work for my client.

i may go to canada and us some time this year.

work and to see you. how is that?

u didnt send me email last night, you should send every day slave.

i havent seen you naked for long time, i like you take off cloth for me now.

you have never been to a good slave and i dont think you will ever.

dont find excuse all time you even didnt kneel a short time.

i dont take your sorry anymore, if you can not do as i said, then we dont need waste time.

you should know, and make you are in the cam!

if you still want to be my slave, you need obey me.

from now on you need follow rules, if you cant accept the rules, dont need to bother to be my slave.

when you chat with me, you MUST in front of computer and cam. u can read book when u wait my reply, but you can not sit away from computer and cam.

i want you turn on the liight and then kneel naked in front of cam now.

push the quilt away

i cant see you naked

good, is your period closing?

no im asking period coming soon?

because your breasts are fuller.

before the period the breasts getting bigger.

rube your breasts

from now you will be trained under the rules. there is no nigotiations and excuses, just obey!

i didnt get your answer???

i will be very happy if i can see you be a good slave of mine.

you will have pain when you are trained.

remeber first thing is obey.

when i ask you do anything, to be naked or kneel or punish yourself, you must first say Thank You Master.

when i say you can be finished something, you must say thank you Master too.

what's wrong your right knee?

why dont you see dr?

it has been for 2 weeks now?

emi, i like you very much, but only if you want to be a good slave.

remeber, if you want to be with me, you must be a good slave first.

you can sleep now sleep naked.

no bra at home

i need finish up my work for today. you can do anything you want now babe.

be a good girl and be my good slave.

im leaving now you have a good day.


2007年03月31日(土) 12時26分
i think i need punish you face to face one day.

i will keep a black book for you

and write down your naguty behaviour.

i think you are too weak to take pain to please me now.

i wont let anyone watch you just yet.

you may have to be careful about the coffee since you are to light of sleeping and some time too nervous.

you should not drink coffee at all

if i order you do you obey me?

may i disobey You?

it must be very hard without coffee in this few days.

put in this away

i like you do to feel sorry and regred

your compassion and i dont have to tell you what kind of punishment you will get

the most moderate punishment can be just kneel there naked for long time

and stand there naked both hands beyond your head.

take off the rope when you put lotion let me see

emi you just too spoiled by ME

no of my slave dare to disobey me but you!

then take off the cloth rub yourself without lotion.

i just want to train you to get use to 2 things

1. do not shy in front of me

2. learn obey me get use to it

have you taken off pants? stand up

lower the cam

i can not see your legs actually

your breasts are really nice and i love your legs too

you can cover your self now

i do love to see you naked all the time

but this is enough for you i think


2007年03月30日(金) 14時08分



whats wrong?

bad. are you able to go back sleep?

朝の7時前にMasterから i want to see your breats.

take your gouwn off. take your clothes off


dont just sit there. i already said what you should do

do it. move it

i will gie you 3mins again, then you make your dicision.


you are my slave. dont cover anything and do not be shy.

your face is very nagative i can see.

give me kiss then can take clothes on.

席を離れる前には Thank You Master!を忘れないようにと…

do you feel radiculous? you dont like me?

dont like me if i am stirict you or ask you to do something just do it.

i dont mind girls dont wear any make up actually. wear make up in front of cam.

show me how to do it.

smsももらう。im still with you. message me if you need me

hello Master my tears came put in class again.

sorry babe i wasnt with my computer. but get striong babe. i hug you

finished classed and going to yoga

good. have some deep breath. be realx. forget about the class now.

did bad things today

was sleepy in class
didnt focus on class
got a cup of coffee yesterday and had chocolate too



2007年03月29日(木) 14時04分
you were first let me see the wall, then window.



2007年03月28日(水) 12時28分
i dont know yet. too hard for me to punish you some time, i think.

dont remind me.

you must know ask you be naked is not punishment.

amy has nice body.

you should be naked with confidnet. dont be shy.

i would enjoy to punish you.

slave cant avoid punishment for sure.

as a slave who has the duty to obey but the oobject is to please her Master ask y
ou do something is your punishmet, could be just for please your Master.

Punishment is very negative word, if you think the physical disciplaine is to help m
e improve myself, or that because i made mistake, i need to take the consequent,
then it will remind or punish yourself to be better next time.

will i be punishment without telling You sleep?

you could if you are someone else.

thats very naughty to do to a Master.

I treat you very special.

my slave must kneel down when she chat to me over the internet. she has to ask for punishmet to leave and if i ask her stay there wait when i need to be away from the computer,she will wait until i come back, there are couple of time she kneels there for a fewhours.

i meant fall to sleep talking to her Master.

you are special because 1. you aare new 2. you are stressed but if you are serious about it you should prepared yourself.

'new' can not ne forever, soon you will not be 'new' anymore.

ppl may think the slave/master relationship is a very unfair.

why the slave has to please her Master.

well. a very simple answer is because she wants to be slave and she knows what she has chosen.

i dont know other s/m relationship, but for mei dont force anyone to be my slave.

i have siad before, the reason i have the s/m relationship with someone is because
we need it.

when i have some romantic relationship with someone i show my Dominant side, and i need to be the dominant role to satisfy myself, same as those wa
nt to be my slavebecause her love and her passion is to submit to me and wants
me to dominant her.

so its a natural solution and it is accepted both parties and it is very fair for both of us.

agan, if anyone involved in the relationship had at any stage felt the relationship
was not as her expected or felt unfair, i would never stop her leave, it is just sam
e as i dont force anyone in.

A slave show absolute loyality to her Master and prepare to satisicifice, so dont s
cared or wotty you will be 'punished' it could be just some task your Master want
s you to do to please Him, and you suppose have prepared for that all the time.

the slave you watched the other day, she didnt do anything wrong.

i just want her to do it for my pleasure and want to show you how a slave is like.

for her its her duty.

i dont need to worry if she will be upset.

she doesnt and will never upset one.

if one day she felt upset, she will be free.

if i said to her, you are free now, shw will be very sad and think she been kicked out as she is not good enought for her role.

'Yes Master' i didnt remind you, but you have done it 3 times now.

and try to use full senece.

sometime yes is not good enough for example i just said id like to know more clearly. i want to know if you agree my opinion, so i want you answe me as 'Yes Master
agree or i try to understand it Master. or i am not sure if i can accept that Maste

what are you sent to me silly one?

are you copying my message?

you must highlighting something on the chating window or either something elser

becuase you just accidnetly sent a file to me.

no thats very impolite actually.

it shows your careless, not interested but she is try to ask your choice.




2007年03月27日(火) 14時32分



今日はyou are the luckest sって言ってくれた。いろいろほめてくれる方。


i have siad that the last question, i have gave you the chance as you requested, i also said all other questions you can ask after you commit as my slave.

as my slave you should know you have been treated very special, no one else have been terated so nice and patientlly as you had, because i sympathy you are weak mode, but do not take too much advantage of it, i have done my best.

i know you are easy to cry but its not bad behaviour.













im very kindly reduced the pain for you as you are new, butt as i said you cant jus

t dont feel anything it is hard to avoid, that is the motivation for you try very har

d to avoid it happen. remeber i said, that is the punishement i have but if it happe

ns, then you take the punishment you have set for yourself.

you never use capital letters for yourself

capital letters respect and distinguish with others.

most likely is sex. language is not big deal.

agian your language is not bad at all.
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