the way it goes 

July 01 [Tue], 2008, 5:36

today was the so called 'abi-streich' [dunno the english name.. xD] so i just had 2 hours school .. and what an irony.. those were 2 spanish lessons.. (。▽゜;) ..

sadly we lost the european championship.. but nyah, i was at the public viewing point in hamburg [ on the Heiligengeistfeld ♥ ] .. it was pretty cool but.. yeah we lost XD ..

baaad quality.. [ i look like shit.. XD can you find me? ~(^°^;;~) ]

btw~those glasses in the first pic are from my mom.. XD
nevertheless i've to do pretty much things for school now... so guys

see youh soon !!

たら ☆

the TrutH 

July 01 [Tue], 2008, 5:10

Do you think it's over..?


Tell me.

Pictures ☆ 

June 29 [Sun], 2008, 8:05
i forgot something..

i din't write about the ayabie concert.. ! yeah~ it was pretty awesome tooh ! haha~ i got intetsus plek ! (^ε^) sugoi !!

me x his plek ❤
well~ some piccus from the myvi concert~ ^^


my honeh x meh [sadly bad qualitiy °^°;]

oh~ and we met one of te kavki boyz, sugoii ❤

last piccuh

see you guys
たら ☆

[i will upload some pics from Rock am Ring, but they're still on my old handy, so be patient ! ]


June 29 [Sun], 2008, 7:20


I'm just too lazy to write into my blog...
haha.. that's kinda sad.. XD

mh well~
just 2 1/2 weeks untill I have finally holidays~ wahoo~ !
and than i've birthday °O°; .. sweet, sweet..

nyah~ the MYV concert was awesome.. one of the best concerts this year, i swear ●`ω´●
hihi~ Miyavi is just so hot.. but his whole performance was gorgeous ❤ aww~ and TeddyLoid.. such a cute guy ^^ (oh~ and I luv his music ! )
mhh~ I don't feel like writing that much into my blog, I'm sry~

but i forgot to write about Rock am Ring. ! yeah~ we finally managed everything to get there and.. woah... I'm speechless~ That was definitely one of the best things i've ever been to.. (。▽゜) All those great bands.. T o T; and the whole festival feeling.. hell, everbody should have been there once ! XD nyah~ and I'm on tv ! °O°; you can see me during the Bad Religion and QUeens of the Stona Age concert~ bu i'm sure you won't recognize meh... xD
nyah~ nevertheless, RaR was just pure Love, but i'm not in the mood to write more about that, cuz i'm just tired and have a headache .. xD mhh~ but in my opinion one of the best bands was Lostprophets ! (i just love them T o T; and the vocal is a lil hottie .. xD)

ouh! and i have a lip-piercing.. ! °O°; just since. eh.. mh.. end of april? or somthing like that.. dunno.. XD

mh~ i think i just stop here~so guys, stay tuned and keep on rocking 。◕‿◕。

たら ☆


May 08 [Thu], 2008, 6:20
nyah ~

everythings kinda suck atm.. I dunno,
. (-_-;)

but haha~ the weather is finally pretty nice... ~(^°^;;) ..

oh ~ ! this just reminds me of 'It's such an irony this bright sunny weather -Good Morning- ' .. Kodou~ hihi~ so true..

mhh nevertheless, the last weeks I was pretty ill.. XD I got a (ATTENTION!!) varicella zoster infection !! .. from those little monsters from my job... XD (well sounds pretty ... strange in english.. in german it means: WINDPOCKEN!!)
I got'em the second time now :o .. and this... sucks !! I looked like shit.. (-_-;)

bot now I'm .. CURED ! (゜Д゜;)

Ouh~ ! I gotta new mobilephone tooh~ ! Sony Ericsson w910i .. i luv it ! (。▽゜;) ..

aah.. and new sunglasses... (as you can see~ !) yeah.. cheap H&M glasses 4 lifE !! xD

Mhhhhh enough for today~ I'm trying (as i always promise..) to write more often .. !

See yoouuh guys !! (*ε*)ノ

Killing LonelinesS 

March 03 [Mon], 2008, 0:11
Haha~ .. I'm so lame..
and lazy!
My last entry was on Christmas... wtf.. XD
Nyah~ I'm sorry but.. I can't be bothered. ^^;
mhh~ well, all I can say is J-Invasion was really great und Girugamesh amazing! Hah! THe Giru Weekend was just luv! 'cus I had a sleep-over at Misa's House and I met Teru !!
Hihi~ Sugoi..
Well next concerts gonna be Dio in BerliN! and after that An Cafe in Hamburg :3 (woah~ one of the few bands who come to my hometown!! )
Aah~ !! I forgot! Last tuesday I've been at the HIM concert! Whoah~ I tell ya, THAT was amazing! Ville Valo.. such a hot guy! And his voice.. incedible! I think I'm in love with this band |D (of course I am ! ) aw~ and they played so many of their old songs..! And Funeral of Hearts! My favorite ! Whoah~ that was so beautiful.. I nearly cried T^T ..
nyah~ but..! I'll see them at Rock am Ring again! Haha~ I'm so lucky Yeah~ RaR is gonna be so amazing... Hr~
ah~ I ordered some new clothes from Sexpot and Algonquins~ hihi They should arrive tomorrow.. X3
Well~ I Think that's enough for today.. I'll try to write more ofen! .. But I can promise nothing.. xD
So guys~ Rock on!

[ Meri Kurisumasu ] 

December 25 [Tue], 2007, 4:26
M e r i ~ K u r i s u m a s u~ Everyone~! :3

My mini- Kurisumasu- Tree !
And take a look !!

LiebE ! .. Both Decade Albums.. and both First Press ^^

..and a closer look...

hihi.. sugoi !! and.. I'll get extensions !! Yay for long hair! XD
Nice, nice kurisumasu.. ^^ so everyone have to party!! XD nyah, I mean it in a familiar way.. ^^ (the party starts at J-Invasion and New Years Eve ! )
Nyah guys, now celebrate!

Many, many x-mas Greetings !

[ Cookies ] 

December 23 [Sun], 2007, 10:33
Uh~ I was assiduous !
I've made 5 sorts of cookies !

Yummy! ..

Nyah~ they are pretty tasty... ^^ other piccus will follow!

[ Es WAR eng ~ 13.12.07 ] 

December 22 [Sat], 2007, 6:04
Haha~ I had so much luck!
I've seen the best band of the world!! XD (next to Diru of course ) Die Aerzte !! Their concert was sold out in nearly 2 hours, so they arranged a second one on the 13th of december, which was also sold out in a few hours.. Of course I forgot to buy tickets, so both concerts were sold out.. BUT ! Yeah, T-chan had a ticket for me! Cus her friend wasn't able to go there anymore.. so.. Tadamm~! I was the lucky one who got a ticket for this sold out show !! And holy shit, this concert was so freakin awesome! One of the best concerts I've ever been, I promise! Ah~ on the picture you can see their logo.. but you can't recognize the 3 points above the a .__.; I made it in the beginning ^^~
but woah~ during the concert have been so many moshers.. and they've made a wall of death! x__X;; I'm so lucky I didn't got into it..! xD It was pretty heavy..
But as I told you, this concert was fantastic.. Farin, Bela and Rod were so freakin funny and told us so much shit.. XD it was wonderful ^^ They played a lot of their classics, like 'Schrei nach Liebe' 'Rebell' 'Schunder-Song' and 'Deine Schuld' and even one of their early 80ies ^^ Last Song was Unrockbar.. it's one of my favorites.. ^^ They told us to sit during the strophes and when the chorus starts we had to jump up~ I can tell you, if the whole Colorline Arena starts to jump.. it looks very fascinating ^^
Ah~ and they played 1/2 Lovesong ! I love this song so much!

In the beginning there were more lighters ^^..
Yeah~ .. the whole concert was fantastic! and they played nearly 3 hours Die Aerzte = LiebE !
well, but we missed the last train.. ^^ and on the next day I had an english presentation.. yeah~ .. XD but it was pretty good ^^ (2+!)
Nyah~ should be enough for today.. I'm going to meet some friends now ~
So Rock on guys ! ♥

[ GivE me LaugH ] 

December 01 [Sat], 2007, 3:34
Hey Cuties~
How ya doin?
My last entry is a pretty long time ago.. I'm sorry but I was too busy or just too lazy.. xD
well~ (you could imagine) many things happened~ and atm my mood isn't pretty good.. kinda dumpish, ya know?
Anyway~ I've a new haircut! It's kinda Uruha-like~ ^^ If I'm in better mood, I'll upload a pic~! ^^
nyah~ I don't know what to add, so I just stop here~
see you honehs~

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