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2010年04月28日(水) 21時51分
I'm kind of feeling weird now. It's like, that I'm being too aggressive...
But I don't have any reason to be! There's so many things in my life that people would be jealous for. I shouldn't be unhappy. I've been thinking, that maybe I'm like this, because I'm too bored! The only things in my life right now are school and net... It's no fun being outside anymore, because I don't have anything to do there.

So I could really need some advice now, so I wouldn't feel so bored anymore!
I hope this doesn't mean I'm boring too.

Oh, and I really would want to read some interesting books too, fiction or not!
Expecially some kind of personality, style or fantasy books. And romance of course. . .

Hopefully someone would comment and advice!
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I'm from Europe and I'm writing only in English, sorry. I love music, love, afternoon naps, sketching, running, pretty things, sailor moon, astronomy, vintage, friendship and travelling to totally new places.
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