coming soon!! 

2007年04月04日(水) 20時02分
Hi, everyone!! I am so~happy because holiday is coming soon, it will be from day after tomorrow!! therefore, tomorrow is the last class but it will be long day...I have 3 hours physics, 2 hours math and 1 hour chemistry...anyway, I had math quiz today. It was not difficult so I could answer all questions but still I had some problems to understand these questions. It was not math problem, just need more english skill. I felt I need more effort to be good at english. It colud be hard but I need it, I have to do it. I felt it at english class and math class today.

After the class, I cooked my beautiful dinner it was used many veges!! When I was eating it, i felt so healthy and also its taste was good. Moreover, I ate the Melon!! It was greate!! Good food is great my mind, it make me happy. BUT!! Too much eating is forbidden, thats it! See you tomorrow.

nothing some special... 

2007年04月03日(火) 22時47分
Tuesday. I did not have anything about special today...
I went to the class at 9am and I finished it at 11pm, then I went back to home.
I washed my clothes and went to shopping..I bought a lot of vegetables because I ate too much instant noodles recently so I thought I need more nutrition, also bought some fruits which were apples, bananas and a half of melon. yeah!! I remember that!! It was first time to bought a half of melon in Australia!! Oh~it was really cheap arround $1.50. I'll eat it tomorrow night. I can't wait...hahaha. I was happy today, but I'm not sure its taste is good or not. I hope, will be happy tomorrow as well. See you.


2007年04月02日(月) 19時57分
Yesterday, I couldn't access internet in my house so...I broke my rule, which is to write blog everyday, by myself at just second day. However, it's accident so..I'll try to do again that from today.
Yesterday night, I had assignment which was choosing two article, therefore I went to the bed at after 2 oclock. Moreover, I had class at 9am to 5pm so I feel so tired today. My life is so stressful...But!! I have 2week brake soon!! yeah!!
Today, I got the other accident which was what I got the mail from Australian government. It was in my box mail from my pearents who sented me some instant noodle so the government gave me it, which was written you have to sent back them to Japan because these noodle has some risk to happen disease because of eggs. WHAT!? Can you believe this situation!? !? HOW COME!? It is so suck...
Why will instant noodle happen disease!?....Thus, I can't eat these noodles.I'll sent to Canberra and they will be just thrown away by government.
I feel so tired... I will write good things at the next time. See you.

First blog. 

2007年03月31日(土) 20時41分
Hi, everyone.
I decided to write diary by english at just now!!
Because, I need to improve my english writing skill...
I have graduated English language center in this year actually, but my skill is still not enough.
I'm studying at international fundation course in Newcastle Uni now, however when I had writing practice in the class yesterday, I feel complicated to do that...
Therefore, I made rule which is to write diary everyday from today, 31st March 2007, until when I get to feel satisfaction about my english skill.
while, I decided it, I don't have confidence to continue my diary everyday...
so, give me some comments please!! I will try to do the my best effort because I must pass english exam this end of the year. Thank you.
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