game on! I'm back to the start point~ 

2008年12月08日(月) 3時20分
my life has been reloaded,
maybe I needed to feel
I'm still being human ...after all.
Now I'm me again and and on my way back
to find the main reason of this life.

Will I be lucky?
... you can beat me,
but this time I won't fall down on my knees.

I have left behind the big box with
the mirrors of the past.
So my feelings are easier to carry.

I am me and still being just me, only me.

This time there's no way back,
I already know.


I'm alive 

2008年10月25日(土) 8時35分
long time no posting,
I have been working and no time to post
no news either lah~

I'm going to supermarket tonight.
I hate it because I have to wait a lot
to pay.
But I love it when I can buy what I want!

Do you have any news?-----------
...btw my "" account
was dead for a couple months...
so you can figure it out.

Birthday Weekend 

2008年09月15日(月) 7時22分
What a weekend lah~
I met my friends and went
to Yopparao's karaoke last night
and it was fun~


Birthday's cake~ yum yummy~‼

Me and Gianfranco-san, KanaDara-chan and Lestat-kun~

...and the special guests: Mr. Jhonny Walker and his pal Red Bull~‼

Had a great time, thanx guys!

He is my love~ 

2008年09月15日(月) 7時05分
During the last past days, I have realized
I still care about Alice Nine. So much, so much!
Specially I realized I still thinking about Shou-kun a lot

It might be fangirlism,
It might be something else...
any way I don't care!
All I know is that even when
I get older...
I will remember them with so much love ~
Saga-san, Nao-san, Hiroto-kun, Tora-san
and of course Shou-kun!!‼
Because - He is my love~

To the moon, to the floor... then I SMILE 

2008年06月30日(月) 11時26分
Nobody knows if I have really changed
All I want is to live everyday full of energy,
and stop thinking about The End every night.
Will I see my future when I sleep tonight?
We have a long, long life to leave
Time is not my friend, but not my enemy
I want to break this mirror
I don't want to see the past anymore
but it ain't that easy... the moon still shining over me
and I can't help pointing there and try to reach you
Maybe you're the dragon who takes care of me
wherever you are, and I cant say thank you anymore
See?... it's not easy to say I forgot it
If you still there,...
I will carry on whit this... day after day.
Maybe I will say " I for got it" some day.

Learning chinese? 

2008年06月30日(月) 11時00分
I was listening to some chinese music at work Here you have what I'm singing lately Jay Chou - Simple Love MV Fahrenheit ft hebe - Zhi dui ni you gan jue Fahrenheit & S.H.E - Xin Wo


2008年06月30日(月) 10時56分
I just find it out funny

I'm trying to pick up Kanadara-chan
because I have nothing to do at work

Lestat - san 

2008年06月30日(月) 10時38分

What is Lestat-san hiding?

Have a nice weekend!! 

2008年06月22日(日) 11時16分

Every one have a nice weekend and have lots of fun!!

Movies *--* 

2008年06月22日(日) 11時08分

This is the last movie I saw at the cinema
I love Keanu Reeves, he's a great actor-

If you like action movies
with lots of action and blood...
then you should watch it!

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