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August 19 [Thu], 2010, 23:31
Hi! i'm finally updating my blog! I'm really sorry for my long absence but, as i said some posts before, i usually foget to upadate any blogs !
I have a lot of news...the most important is that i FINALLY finished the exams in july ! The result was 80/100 and i am kinda satisfied about it. I know i could have obtained a better result but never mind, it's no use to cry over spilt milk!
I feel relieved that i finished the school but i'm sad at the same time! I will not see my friends every day and i'm sure that with some of them i'll lose any contact. It's kinda sad because i shared with them so many good moments! Well, there were also bad ones but i'm still very affectionate to them.
Another (little) news is that i'm recently returned from a holiday with my parents at Ischia. The place was really nice, we were in front of the sea and we could see some fantastic dawns and sunsets. A shame that we didn't take any photo
In truth the whole holiday was a little boring because Ischia Porto it's a small place and there isn't really much to do at night. The city centre it's just a long road full of's okay to watch them for a day or two, but not for an entire week
That's all for today, i leave you with two photo! The first one is of the biggest ice cream i've ever eated (i couldn't finish it!) and the second one it's a photo of my lovely kitteh

Sorry if they're a little blurred, my hands are always shaking! ><
Bye bye


April 04 [Sun], 2010, 4:54
Yeterday i create a new blog on i have about 5 blog xD i like writing my thoughts but usually i forget to update blog xD i ask myself why i continue to create blog if i never update them....but i don't care how many un-updated blog i have as long as i like doing it!
Yesterday i also started watching a new anime, Kuroshitsuji. There is a good balance between funny and "serious" scene and also the soundtrack is good, expecially the intermission themes....i must absolutely download the ost.
Tomorrow will be Easter...and it means that i must lunch with my family =A= well, it's not that i dislike my family but those reunion are always a bit annoying (and i prefer not talking about the HUGE pill of dish that I must wash later ). At least there will be my little cousin who is the mooost cute child on the earth She's always so calm....but sometimes (while all the family do strange actions like singing and dancing to make her laugh) she watch all us with a strange look, like "what the HELL are you doing?". Maybe she's the real adult between us xD
Waaah I can't wait until tomorrow to give her a biiig hug!

That's all for today, see you soon!


April 01 [Thu], 2010, 0:00


March 31 [Wed], 2010, 19:20
Yesterday i finished watching Kobato and now i'm so sad 軅?(everytime i finish an anime, a drama or something else i feel sad) But the end was really nice! I was afraid that Kobato and Kiyokazu will never meet another time Fortunately they meet....argh i'm spoilerin the final!

I have a wonderful news.....even if i don't think it will interest anyone except me xD The Cranberries are reunited and they'll come in tour in Italy! They will be at Roma the 5 july......unfortunately for me it's the first day of oral exams Well, never mind! Me and my friend Giorgia will go....we miss the previous concert at Milan so we can't miss this!

Speaking of exams.....i'm really afraid! I haven't started to prepare my thesis <-panics!
I hope everything will be fine!


March 31 [Wed], 2010, 0:00
  • mi sono ricordata di twitter xD ho provato a collegarlo con yaplog ma non so se funziona! andr? al concerto dei cranberries *sguardo deciso* Posted at 09:20 PM


March 30 [Tue], 2010, 0:28
Hello minna!
As the title says i'm watching a new dorama, "Daisuki!!"'s so beautiful!
Yuzu-chan and Himawari-chan are soooooo cute!
I like a lot also Yuzu's mother, because it's a very strong character who never surrender when there are difficulties. Yuzu's "disease" isn't easy to deal with, so for this reason i really admire those people who can continue with their life facing problems....i always try to do my best but often i feel reaaaally demoralized.
Let's talk about something happier than this xD
Now i'm also watching two anime: Nyan koi and Kobato.
Kobato's so cuuuuteeee! I really like CLAMP stories and characters....and moreover i want a plushie like Ioryogi-san! Kobato's song "Ashita kuru hi" is really beautiful and relaxing...actually i'm trying to learn it (with poor results ) Instead i don't like both opening and ending...lyrics and image are really trivial. The principal characters are really alike CLAMP's style (the production studio is the same as Chobits) but the poor secondary characters are so ugly >.< poor things!
Nyan koi also is cute and funny. I love cat (i have a cat as well) so i can't miss this anime.

That's all....bye bye!


March 28 [Sun], 2010, 15:25
My name is Giulia, i'm 18 and i'm from Italy. I don't speak japanese (probably i'll study it at university) and my english isn't really good so forgive me for my mistakes...i'm sure i'll improve!
It's my fIrst time using yaplog....and i don't understand really much!
Let's talk more about me!
My interests are:
*Reading: i really love Banana Yoshimoto and Haruki Murasaki but i like a lot also old and classic books as White fang, Pride and prejudice, The picture of Dorian gray and maaaaany others!
Music: i like a lot of different kind of music, from 40-50's classics to electronic....i like discover new band! Now my favourites are Perfume, An Caf?(they always cheer me up ♥) and an old 80's girl band The Bangles.
Drawing and painting: actually i'm at my last artistic high school year...when i started i wasn't good at drawing but now i'm really really improved! (maybe i'll post some of my sketch) i think drawing is the most relaxing thing
Watch movies: my favourite are horror movies (even if after i watched them i'm always scared to sleep alone ) and, in particular, apocaliptic and zombie movie! well i like also comedy and romantic movie xD

I thinks it's enough for this time,and probably i've already annoyed you xD
See you soon !
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